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Illegal Aliens Are CRUSHING Texas Cities – ‘We’ve NEVER Seen Anything Like This’

Democrats can point fingers at Border Agents and ICE all they want, the real problem is a direct result of bad laws that need changing.

They call it a perverse incentive for a reason.

It creates a strong motivation by foreigners to game the system…

AND it handcuffs authorities so that they cannot safely detain supposed asylum seekers until such time as their asylum claims can be heard.

On top of that, the Democrats LOWERED the maximum detainment capacity.

That motivates even more people to stream in… overwhelming the system.

And the cartels that control the Mexican side of the border are laughing all the way to the bank.

Increasingly, smugglers are bringing larger numbers of families together and delivering them across the Rio Grande, knowing they’ll overrun facilities and be released until their immigration court date, she said. Under U.S. law, Border Patrol is not supposed to hold any migrant for longer than 72 hours.

Usually, Border Patrol hands them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which can detain families for up to 20 days. But all of those facilities are overcrowded, Brown said, leading Border Patrol to skip the transfer to ICE and release migrants to shelters en masse.

“This is a system-wide collapse,” she said.

In El Paso, migrant families pressed their faces against the chain-link fencing at the makeshift outdoor shelter under the Paso Del Norte International Bridge as they awaited their turn to seek asylum. Children covered their mouths with swaths of Mylar blankets and peeked through the fencing at passing Border Patrol guards.

On Wednesday, more than 850 migrants were released to local shelters, marking a new high for El Paso. The numbers are expected to keep rising, according to Ruben Garcia, executive director of Annunciation House, a nonprofit that provides services to migrants released by federal authorities.
Source: USAToday

Before your Democrat buddies try to claim their policies are being more ‘compassionate’ to children than those of us who insist would-be immigrants come in through the front door… show them this:

Better yet, show them this whole story: Hey Patriots: Trump Might Close The US-MexicoBorder Next Week — Should He Do It?

In that story, even Obama’s own Homeland Security Director is saying we now face a legitimate emergency.

Is he supposed to be dismissed as being somehow a Trump partisan, too?

Or are we ready to take this problem seriously?

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Wes Walker

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