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Occasional-Cortex Joins The Queer Eye Crew And Turn The Capitol Pink

Look at that! They’re twinsies in pink!

Washington was abuzz when the Queer Eye crew hit Capitol Hill and met with superstar Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Phones were out as fans tried to capture a quick photo.

At one point, AOC, in her stylish hot pink suit was walking hand-in-hand with Jonathan Van Ness who wore a not so flattering pink sweater with a grey and yellow accordion skirt, as they chatted about policy.

The Democratic Congresswoman met with four of the five stars from the Netflixshow on Thursday and personally gave them a tour of Congress.

The Queer Eye cast were in Washington D.C. to promote the Equality Act – legislation that would protect people nationwide from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Van Ness and the rest of the cast used their meeting with Ocasio-Cortez to heavily push the Equality Act on social media.

‘We have the most diverse American congress ever, I’m lifted up in seeing that a United States that values Equality & protection for all is currently fighting for that. We’re making it rain pantsuits & equality in 2020,’ Van Ness tweeted.

The cast also heaped praise and admiration on Ocasio-Cortez during their visit.

‘On Capitol Hill we wear pink. Thank you for visiting + helping us push for the #EqualityAct, & be there to watch Congress pass the Violence Against Women Act & War Powers Resolution to end U.S. involvement in Yemen. Justice happens together,’ Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

Source: Daily Mail

Ah, yes, the Equality Act. A piece of legislation that is the new cause célèbre of the ‘Progressive’ left.

Although it sounds innocuous, or even a positive step for human rights, it’s anything but. The Equality Act would punish those that don’t by all-in to the rapidly-evolving gender norms or even raised questions about them.

The thing that made Dr. Jordan Peterson world-famous — fighting compelled speech in Canada’s Bill C-16 — would be imposed in the United States as well.

The Heritage Foundation has a fantastic article on why the Equality Act is terrible.

As a woman and a mother, my biggest concern is that gender identity would be a protected right, which is rather radical, and would redefine what male and female actually mean. It would place subjective identity over biology. It’s the goal of activists like those at Teen Vogue, and the ones in the medical community that seem to have no compunction with using chemicals and surgery to permanently alter children to conform to a self-image that the vast majority will outgrow over time. It could potentially lead to children being removed from parents homes for not consenting to ‘gender affirmative care.’

Oh, and you can say buh-bye women’s sports!

The Equality Act simply isn’t what supporters present it as being. In its attempt to be fair and equal, it ends up being bigoted and discriminatory.

But, of course, our friends on the left don’t see it that way. They believe they’re right and anyone who disagrees or dares to even ask a question is wrong as well as a bigoted, ‘istophobic phobophobe.’ (Thanks, Dan Bongino. That term is certainly coming in handy.)

Behold: the ‘tolerant left.’

Here’s AOC loving the limelight with the Queer Eye cast:

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