WTF? Docs Give Pre-Teen Girls Testosterone Because They’re ‘Transgender’

Written by K. Walker on April 5, 2019

But don’t ask any questions, that makes you a bigot.

The unbelievably rapid cultural shift from not ‘othering’ transgender adults to ‘gender affirmative care’ of transgender children has occurred with light speed and without a whole lot of questions.

We need to ask questions — especially when it comes to the so-called ‘affirmative care’ of transgender children.

According to research, the vast majority grow out of this. Standard treatment was a ‘social transition’ (ie. wearing clothes of the other gender, hairstyles, choosing activities that were gendered, possibly using a new name, etc.,) coupled with counseling. But, we have moved away from the careful ‘wait and watch’ approach that was historically used to actual medical interventions to alter children’s bodies to conform to their gender identity.

Despite what you might read on Vox or other progressive websites, there are some incredibly serious issues that can occur in the physical gender transitioning of children — sterility, disruption of both brain and bone development, the latter could put transitioned individuals at risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, potential for cancer of ovaries or breasts, increased risk of stroke, neuropsychiatric symptoms, increased incidence of self-harm, behavioral and emotional problems, and lack of any sexual sensation.

Wow, the ‘affirmative care’ advocates aren’t talking about those issues much, are they?

Dr. Michael Laidlaw, an Endocrinologist from California, learned through FOIA requests that the age for cross-sex hormones has been lowered from 13 to 8 years old.

Dr. Laidlaw insists that gender dysphoria is a real condition and reiterates that people suffering from it should be treated with care, compassion, and love. He also says that the removal of healthy tissue through surgical means is, in essence, medical malpractice. So is altering the body chemically through hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

The Christian Post reports:

Today, medical scenarios such as girls as young as 13 and 14 undergoing double mastectomies and 17-year-old boys with penises of 9-year-olds, developmentally speaking, because of chemical puberty blockers, are now showing up, Laidlaw, a Rocklin, California-based endocrinologist, explained in his remarks.

Dr. Laidlaw explains that there are only two genders, and is based on ‘gender identity’ which was defined in a recent court case as ‘a person’s “core internal sense” of their own gender and that it was the “primary factor” in determining their sex, not biology.’ He says that this is completely false because there is no spectrum, there are only two sexes, and sex is not ‘assigned’ at birth, it is identified.

The medical community is now treating puberty as an illness and are prescribing powerful hormones to interfere in normal human development very early stages of development — as early as age 8. 

Testosterone is now being given to an 8-year-old girl. Third or fourth grade girls are receiving cross-sex hormones.

To date, hormone blockers such as Lupron, which is used to treat both prostate cancer patients and children with precocious puberty, has never been through an FDA-approval process for the purpose of blocking normal puberty, and is prescribed off-label. Laidlaw refers to puberty blockers as a form of “chemical conversion therapy” and noted that the largest professional association for endocrinologists, The Endocrine Society, now recommends delaying puberty in gender dysphoric youth at Tanner stage 2, which is soon after the pubertal signals in the brain begin to occur.

The reason that Jazz Jennings, transgender star of the TLC series “I am Jazz,” has reportedly never had any sexual sensations or orgasms is because his natural puberty was halted at this stage and was not allowed to occur, the California doctor explained. These puberty-blocking drugs also disrupt normal brain and bone development, putting kids at future risk of osteoporosis, he said.

There are some real questions about whether or not there is real informed consent — can an 8-year-old truly make the decision to permanently change genders?

Lisa Littman got into a whole lot of hot water when she studied a new phenomenon which she coined ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ where mainly teenage girls, after spending hours watching videos on gender transitioning on social media, suddenly claimed that they were dysphoric. Her paper was pulled because of the uproar by trans activists but has recently been republished without any major changes. 

Also, who truly benefits from this treatment? Pharmaceutical companies.

Jazz Jennings has become the face of the young transgender individuals, and after the ‘bottom’ surgery in February of this year, there were some complications — a blood blister formed and the wounds were separating. 

A mother of a transgender child also spoke about the difficulties of being a parent navigating these waters and having medical ‘experts’ lead tell them that there is only one path — gender affirmative care. She explains how this has harmed her daughter and caused undue pain for the family.

“The ‘experts’ tell parents that it is harmful to question their children’s beliefs, that they must support their children’s medical transition, which includes a lifetime dependence on hormones, and that if parents do not comply, their children will be at higher risk of suicide,” she said.

“These parents are being lied to as their children are harmed and their families are torn apart.”

Children who are confused about their bodies, “need proper therapy and guidance, not drugs and surgeries. And the medical practices that are abusing them need to be shut down,” she said.

Source: Christian Post


We all need to ask questions about the medical interventions being used to ‘treat’ children with gender dysphoria.

It’s the compassionate thing to do.

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