Clash Quiz: Which State Prioritized Tuition For Illegals Over Gold Star Families… Cali, Oregon, or New York?

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2019

When your Woke State can’t afford infinite benevolence, who gets the short end of the stick? In this state, it’s the Gold Star families.

Even Snopes is calling this ‘true’ without any qualification.

Something’s really gone wrong when you can scrape up money and excitement to throw behind people the law still calls ‘illegal aliens’, but the people who paid the highest price in defending the nation’s interests?

Nah bruh, they get cut off.

Trump called them out:

If you’re gonna pick somebody to get the short end of the stick, what wizard comes up with this plan?

Can you imagine the pitch? Hey boss. I think I found the savings. Let’s just tell some Gold Star families to go pound sand.

Let’s see all the Democrats that tried to club Trump as ‘unpatriotic’ for his spat with the Gold Star Khan family in 2016 spin this story.

Trump didn’t leave any Gold Star families high and dry.

A move like that requires the heart like a Democrat.

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