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SAD: Comic Drops Dead During Set, Audience Mistook It For Part Of His Act

If it weren’t for his unfortunate choice of material, somebody could have clued in sooner.

They might have even called 9-11 and saved his life. But they just sat there, watching, and waiting to see what happened next. It’s not because they were thoughtless or uncaring, either. They were just confused.

You see, Ian had just joked about dying on stage.

Comedian Ian Cognito (real name: Paul Barbieri) dropped dead in the middle of his act. But he lay there, untouched for a couple of minutes of awkward silence because nobody realized it was the real thing.

There was even some laughter, by audience members who thought he was just being clever.

“Imagine if I died in front of you lot here,” Cognito, 60, joked on stage during his set Thursday. Andrew Bird, who runs the Lone Wolf Comedy Club in Bicester, England, told the BBC: “Everyone in the crowd, me included, thought he was joking. Even when I walked on stage and touched his arm I was expecting him to say ‘boo’.”

Audience members were mortified when they learned that had been chuckling at a man dying. “We came out feeling really sick, we just sat there for five minutes watching him, laughing at him,” said audience member John Ostojak. He added: “Only 10 minutes before he sat down, he joked about having a stroke. He said, ‘Imagine having a stroke and waking up speaking Welsh?’
Source: Washington Examiner

Brutal. You never know when your ticket is going to get punched. When it happens, you’d best be ready.

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