SPLAT: Here’s WHY You Shouldn’t Take Selfies On The Rim Of The Grand Canyon

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2019

It’s not often a line from a superhero movie could save your life. But in this case, it’s true.

There is a problem at the Grand Canyon. In the last eight days, three people have fallen 400 feet to their deaths.

What was the problem? High winds? Treacherous footing?

Nope. They just fell from the viewing areas.

The clearest answer we had of any of them was one guy who had to get that perfect photo.

That would also be the simplest explanation for why three people in eight days have fallen to an untimely death compared to the more typical one or two per year.

Selfies. If your attention is on that little hand-held screen, instead of how close your feet are to the edge, you’ll never know how dangerously close you are to a fatal slip.

Here’s where that movie advice comes in to play:

We shouldn’t need to remind everyone — especially adults — but maybe we do.

Get out there, and see the world. Enjoy it! Taking risks is part of what makes life worth living! But risking your life over a photo?

Some things just aren’t worth it.

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