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Trump’s Defending Federalism vs. Left’s Inverting Our Great Experiment

This is happening far too often for it to be just a coincidence.

Again and again, Trump is not merely employing political judo against his opponents, he is doing it in such a way that makes America stronger.

America wasn’t built like other nations, where a strong central power ruled the realm. If that was the template, most states would never have ratified the union. No, America was a unified whole in which then-thirteen-now-fifty states each have relative autonomy to establish laws and culture that best represent the priorities of each particular state.

But the Left has a natural instinct to consolidate power at a national level. Top-down authority appeals to them. That’s why they wanted Obamacare — a national, top-down system that compelled state compliance, even when people like Gov Jindal pushed back against it. We saw it again when — despite different states having different responses to same-sex marriage, a one-size-fits-all solution was forced at a national level, whether individual states wanted it that way or not.

A top-down centralized government is the precise opposite of what the Great Experiment was intended to be in the first place.

Have you noticed how Trump — again and again — has been creating situations where the individual states (red or blue) each have greater connections to their policies?

We saw it with his tax changes– The SALT cap — right? How is it that some citizens of blue states had their taxes go up, even though Americans generally saw tax cuts? That’s because blue states that were addicted to big tax dollars were no longer being subsidized by more fiscally responsible states. Offended little snowflakes (i.e. Bloomberg) called it ‘Trump’s war against the Blue States’. It might have been more honest to call it the Blue States’s war against the taxpayer. Suddenly individual states were no longer able to hide just how much they were charging with an offsetting cut.

Where else did we see it? When Trump reconstituted the Courts that it favored Originalist judges for the first time since forever ago, Democrats freaked. Suddenly they were sure that Republicans were going to start using the courts to put a gun to the nation’s head and enforce whatever ‘scary’ laws Democrats imagine we want pushed.

Immediately after Kavanaugh’s appointment, what did we see? We saw different states putting forward very — very — different regional laws about, among other things — abortion.

In Vermont and New York, you don’t even need to be under a doctor’s care to have it done, right up to the moment of birth. And in other States, like Ohio, as soon as the baby’s heartbeat can be detected, abortions are no longer permissible.

See? We are one country, but even within that one country, we are some very, very different people. New Yorkers wouldn’t want to live under Red State legislators (or else they would have voted for some) and vice versa. So why should they have uniform laws?

His master-stroke, though, was when Trump trolled the Left and made an announcement that made them choke on their kale smoothies and quinoa salads.

Since Blue states, their lawyers, and their politicians have been busy rigging the game to tie the hands of border enforcement officials, and are actively undercutting the rule of law and impeding the work of ICE (who, among other things, enforce child trafficking laws!), Trump offered a win-win solution.

Since it’s Blue States (and their elected officials) who adamantly want this problem to continue unsolved, let’s drop this unstemmed overflow of people into the states that have worked so hard to make their entry possible.

The impact on these Blue States should be of no concern to the President or anybody else. After all, they didn’t stop for a second to ask what the financial or social costs of this policy on any Red States that might be burdened with wave after wave of illegal immigrants landing on their doorstep. Cynics would even say that the impact on Red States was a deliberate and calculated move on their part to force social change on them.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard Leftist dreaming of creating the rest of America in their own image: Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

Now do you see why the Left is so desperate to find some kind of a workaround to bypass the Electoral College? It gets in the way of their dream.

For that matter, it’s also the reason that they are fighting so hard NOT to have a citizenship question on the census. Because even if a state flooded with non-citizens doesn’t fudge on allowing them to vote, the rebalancing by population of states with inflated population numbers will mean fewer electoral college votes for smaller states that have not been padding their numbers with illegal aliens.

Of course, the left are hoping we’ll be too busy fighting over Russian collusion or some other distraction to figure that out — until it’s too late.

But we’re not about to let that happen… are we?

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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