WATCH: Candace Owens Exposes The Manipulation Methods Of The Left In Less Than 60 Seconds

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2019

Democrats in Washington are used to using political power to throw their weight around. They met their match in a young woman who is not so easily pushed around.

The Democrats’ attempt to destroy and discredit a young Republican citizen activist (who is doubly dangerous to their party’s intersectional coalition because she’s a very intelligent and persuasive young black woman) backfired… badly.

Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats have been more interested in using their control of the House to campaign against President Trump and his policies than they have in legislating as the Constitution had intended.

Not long ago, the House Democrats backed down from a formal statement denouncing antisemitism in their own ranks. They came back with a watered down resolution denouncing ‘all’ forms of hatred generically. Isn’t this the party that rapped our knuckles for even daring to suggest that there should be nothing wrong with the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’?

Of course it is. This is a political exercise in blame-shifting and demonizing Trump. They have carefully cultivated the discredited lie about Trump, and are trying to leverage that for their intersectional coalition… facts be damned.

Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing into Hate Crimes, with a perverse attempt to pin racism on the very people who have been on the receiving end of pretty hateful and disgusting behavior.

While Miss Owens was present to answer questions, Democrat Ted Lieu played a deceptively-edited clip of statements made by Candace Owens — absent any context — and questioned a third party about their perceptions and reactions to that misleading soundbite.

Their bias is evident. A couple of points to set up the exchange: Notice how Nadler interrupts Candace Owens whe she is finally given a chance to respond, not only needlessly jumping to the defence of an elected official she had not insulted, but interrupting her as she is defending her own honor against an elected official who had used his power an authority to defame her name and reputation. She had long since been on the public record explaining this same misquoted statement to those who found them objectionable. But why let that get in the way of a political smear campaign.

She asserted that he believes BLACK people are stupid. Does Nadler need to have the term ‘Black People’ explained to him, or does he actually believe Candace Owens (who is black) is calling Ted Lieu a ‘black person’?

She blasted Lieu as dishonest, and she reminded all in attendence that she works for Prager U, which is run by an Orthodox Jew, besides which, she spent 18 hours on an airplane to be present for the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem — an event for which not a single Democrat was present.

Here’s a shot of Lieu playing that clipped recording from his phone, together with some observations shared by the editors here at ClashDaily.

How soon they forget that Candace herself has been on the receiving end of some hateful activism.

Brace yourself: The Lieu-ser memes are coming.

And he deserves every last one of them.

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