WATCH: CNN Nutter Says ‘Spying Doesn’t Mean SPYING Anymore’

Written by Wes Walker on April 17, 2019

I’m sure she’d feel exactly the same way if team Bush did it to… Obama, right?

A CNN contributor on Tapper’s show no likey what AG Bill Barr said about Trump having been spied on. “Spying did occur”. Nope, she didn’t like it one little bit.

He even clarified that he wanted to make sure that any spying that had been done was done properly, according to the law.

Tapper started the segment. “So I think it’s still kind of up in the air, what did he mean when he said spying did occur. What do you think he meant?”

Karen Finney, CNN commentator and former Hillary Clinton campaign spokeswoman, suggested it was because Barr was trying to “give a little credence to … conspiracy theories, maybe a little red meat for Trump.”

“Was he trying, to … you know, buy into or give a little credence to the sort of conspiracy theories, maybe a little red meat for Trump for being good for not tweeting the first weekend that the Mueller report was supposedly out,” she said. “Or is it that Barr is not understanding — I mean, this is a very different time than the last time he was attorney general in terms of social media, in terms of the connotations.”

Finney added that she’s not sure the AG understands “the weight of what he’s saying that we think of spying in a very different way than the Vietnam era, which I would argue is all the more reason if you are thinking about Vietnam to make the report public.”
Source: DailyWire

Oh, right.

The two-time AG isn’t as ‘read in’ on these things as a CNN talking head.

The panelists collectively clutched their pearls over the question until CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham actually introduced logic into the conversation:

‘If you’re going to the FISA court and you are surveilling someone without their knowledge, you are spying on them, whether it is authorized or not. The question is, whether this was appropriate?” the commentator explained to the panel.
Source: DailyWire

Saying something rational about the Trump administration? Wow! Ms. Ham may want to check to make sure she’s not in breach of her contract.

Whatever their opinions about the word spying, if this scoop pans out, we may not have long to wait to see this come to a resolution one way or another.

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