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Yuma’s In Turmoil Over MASSIVE Illegal Alien Surge

Yikes. It looks like border towns are in crisis. Someone should tell the Democrats.

Mayor Douglas Nicholls of Yuma, Arizona has said that the city cannot handle the recent surge in numbers of illegal aliens entering the community. The illegal border crossers are mostly families, and shelters and volunteers are stretched thin as numbers continue to increase.

Yuma, a community of 100,000 that sits on the border of California on the north and shares 126 miles of border with Mexico to the west and south. To the immediate east and west of the city is rough terrain and desert. The vacant areas around Yuma were preferred routes for human smugglers who would regularly bring vehicles loaded with people — and drugs —  across the Colorado River and desert. Until 2005, Yuma was the worst in the country for illegal border crossing, and then — they built a wall. By 2009, the rate of apprehension of illegal aliens crossing at Yuma was down by 95 percent, and ancillary crime was reduced by 91 percent. 

Despite the dramatic reduction due to their wall, the new influx of illegal aliens is more than Yuma can handle. Shelters are at capacity, more volunteers are required, and supplies are dwindling.

Mayor Douglas Nicholls said the migrants are being released by the Border Patrol into his community faster than they can leave, and local shelters are already at capacity.

He warned of mobs of people “roaming the streets looking to satisfy basic human needs,” clashing with citizens looking to protect their own property.

“There is an imminent threat on having too many migrant releases into our community,” he said. “It’s above our capacity as a community to sustain.”

Source: Washington Times

Watch the news report with Mayor Nicholls explaining the move:

From the official statement:

Mayor Nicholls proclaimed a local emergency to urge for federal assistance, as more migrant family units continue to be released into a shelter system already at capacity and maxed on resources and volunteers. The shelter system has a maximum capacity of 150-200 people, and it exceeded capacity today.

“Migrants continue to be released at a rate that cannot be sustained, overwhelming the current non-profit shelter system,” Mayor Nicholls said. He explained it needs to be clear at the national level that Yuma cannot sustain this humanitarian crisis. The proclamation was signed in attempt to avert hundreds of asylum-seeking migrants from being left without resources and potentially out in the greater community.

Mayor Nicholls explained migrant families released to the shelter are waiting to be transported to cities throughout the nation; they are not staying in the Yuma community.

Source: City of Yuma

Nicholls is trying to draw attention to the problems with the mass influx of illegal aliens in border towns. He’s trying to get other Arizona communities to make similar declarations in order to cut through the politicization of the issue.

The vast majority of illegal aliens are families and unaccompanied children from Central America who are fleeing difficult conditions in their home countries and looking for a “better life” in the U.S.

With the long shared border with Mexico, Yuma has once again become a favorite spot for human smugglers who bus the desperate families north and have them walk across the border and demand attention by border security.

They have become emboldened to make the perilous journey across the border because of lax enforcement *cough*under the previous administration*cough* and continued political posturing on the left. Once apprehended, policies currently in place almost guarantee that they will be released into the community and many disappear.

Of the children and families that came in 2017, more than 98% were still in the U.S. as of the beginning of this year…

…Border Patrol agents arrest them en masse — a group of 360 people was apprehended near Lukeville, Arizona, earlier Tuesday.

But with no ability to hold them, agents engage in what is called “catch-and-release,” processing the migrants and then letting them go at a local bus terminal.

Source: Washington Times

President Trump attempted to address this very thing at a round table with border patrol agents in California earlier this month.

He reiterated the sentiment that the vast increase in illegal immigration is putting a strain on our immigration system.

This was (of course) misconstrued by the left as “xenophobic” and a “hatred of brown people” when it seems to me to be a critique of those crossing the border illegally and claiming asylum in the United States, rather than the nearest safe country, like say… Mexico, which is how the asylum process is supposed to work.

President Trump has triggered The Left by suggesting that illegal aliens be sent to so-called “Sanctuary cities” where they will be welcomed with open, Democrat arms, while simultaneously easing the burden on communities like Yuma.

Of course, someone needs to tell Cory Booker which side of the issue he’s supposed to be on.

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