BREAKING: This State’s Lawmakers BAN Abortion After 8 Weeks

Published on May 18, 2019

More and more states are passing pro-life laws. This is just the latest of more to come…

The pro-life movement has become pretty bold in the wake of some states passing aggressive pro-abortion bills. New York, Vermont, and Virginia used their Democrat majority to pass aggressive pro-abortion bills recently. Republicans in other states are following that lead.

Alabama and Georgia are now in the crosshairs of the Hollywood abortion advocates for their recent “heartbeat” bills which restricts abortion after a heartbeat can be detected at approximately 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Next up for protest: Missouri.

Missouri’s Republican-led House has passed legislation designed to survive court challenges, which would ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy.

If enacted, the ban would be among the most restrictive in the U.S. It includes exceptions for medical emergencies, but not for pregnancies caused by rape or incest.

Doctors would face five to 15 years in prison for violating the eight-week cutoff. Women who receive abortions would not be prosecuted.

Republican governor Mike Parson is expected to sign the bill.

(Emphasis added)

I guess this means that there are going to be more nude photos of not-too-bright model Emily Ratajkowski popping up on my Twitter timeline. Great. That’s just great.

The Missouri House Representatives voted 110-44 for the bill. Pro-abortion protesters shouted, “When you lie, people die!” but were ejected from the gallery.

Many of these bills are specifically designed to head to the Supreme Court now that the make-up of the court has been altered thanks to the appointments by President Trump.

There has long been an argument that Roe v. Wade was a terrible legal decision that was “on a weak foundational basis” that leaves it “ripe to be overturned” according to MSNBC’s legal analyst, Danny Cevallos.

Roe v. Wade taught the left that they can use judicial activism to get their way and to hell with debate.

Well, let’s have that debate now that more than 60 million children have been killed in the womb in the United States since Roe made abortion legal. 

Vice President Mike Pence believes (like I do) that it is the ramping up of the “Shout Your Abortion” crowd and their ghoulish coffee table books celebrating the slaughter of innocents that is pushing the pro-life crowd to take action.

‘Pro-life state lawmakers and activists saw the shift on the Court, ‘Mallory Quigley, a spokesperson for the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, told’

Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that Democrats in some states are enacting ‘extreme’ laws expanding the availability of abortions, at a time when Republicans elsewhere are drawing fire for trying to completely ban the procedure.

‘Sadly, many states around the country are … adopting extreme pro-abortion legislation,’ Pence told reporters in Wisconsin. He singled out New York for what he said was an ’embrace’ of late-term abortion.

What isn’t getting reported is the failure of other Democrat-led states that were attempting to follow suit with extreme abortion laws — the laws in New Mexico, Illinois, and Rhode Island have all failed or stalled thanks to pro-life legislators in those states.

States that have Fetal Heartbeat Laws:

  • Georgia (signed into law May 7, 2019)
  • Ohio (signed into law April 11, 2019)
  • Mississippi (signed into law March 21, 2019) – though it is being challenged
  • Alabama (on May 14, passed ban with no exceptions for rape or incest 25-6)

States that have had bills blocked by the courts:

  • Arkansas (passed March 2014, blocked March 2015)
  • North Dakota (passed July 2015, blocked January 2016)
  • Iowa (passed May 2018, blocked January 2019)
  • Kentucky (passed March 2019, blocked April 2019)

States that are considering laws restricting abortion:

Source: Daily Mail

Republican Senate handler Sen. Andrew Koenig described it on Thursday as ‘one of the strongest’ abortion bills yet passed in the U.S.

Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, a conservative who replaced liberal Claire McCaskill this year, said Thursday on ‘Fox & Friends’ that the wave of abortion bills is a backlash against more and more permissive laws that have gone over the edge.

‘It’s a direct response … to the extremism we’ve seen in places like New York and Virginia,’ Hawley said.

‘It’s just incredible the extremism that we’re seeing. And I think you’re seeing these states responding.’

‘Democrat politicians are actually advocating abortion in the final weeks of pregnancy,’ Hawley said. ‘These are policies … that only a few countries in the world – like Iran, like China – allow. We’ve got to stop this kind of extremism.’

Hawley said he believes Roe v. Wade was ‘wrongly decided,’ and that individual states should be free to make their own reproductive rights laws.

Source: Daily Mail

Unlike the Alabama law which bans abortion after 6 weeks, the Missouri law would only kick in after Roe was overturned.

So, let’s get on that, Supreme Court!

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