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If Obama Is Indicted, Will He Face Jail Time?

I recently wrote a commentary on what could happen to former President Obama as the truth comes out as to what his administration did to impact the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. I proposed the classic question that has been asked thousands of times on various subjects and of people in high government offices, “What did President Obama know and when did he know it?”

We know that high-ranking officials selected by him, appeared to have hatched a plot to stop Donald Trump from being elected. When that failed, they subsequently tried and continue to try to get him removed from office. With charges leveled against so many of his appointees, it is hard to believe that with so much press coverage former President Obama was in the dark about what his administration was doing and how they were breaking the law.

Can you believe that in the many meetings that took place between then-Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Obama, there was never a conversation that sounded something like this, “Eric, are we clear on this as to the issue of charges that Trump is leveling against us? While he was a candidate, did we spy on him and his staff?” For now, we don’t know if that conversation and others took place with Obama, during which he gave his people the approval to go ahead and find out if there was spying. I find it very hard to believe that our former president was a traitor to our country. I do not want to believe this, but I also believe we eventually will find the truth.

I wrote an article a month or so ago in which I quoted Will Rogers when he said, “When you are in a hole, stop digging.” It is my opinion the Democrats are now in a hole, and they frantically keep digging. Look what is on the horizon for them and the country: next up is the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is looking at several things. Most important is his investigation into the issue of possible FISA abuse by both Justice Department high-ranking personnel and senior leaders of the FBI. One can only conclude that the current, released evidence will not show favorably to the people appointed by former President Obama, or to Obama himself.

Next, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed the US Attorney for the State of Utah, John Huber, and told him not to investigate potential wrongdoing by Trump administration officials, but instead look into possible wrongdoing by the Administration’s critics and its perceived enemies. Huber was appointed because of pressure from within the president’s party to go after those in the supposed Deep State. We don’t know for sure when Huber will report his findings, but we do know that he is supposed to be working closely with IG Horowitz, who is expected to report by the end of June.

Sources have told me that Huber would most likely make his report after Horowitz, perhaps in September. The last leg of the three-legged stool of justice is what AG Barr finds out in his investigation of spying on the Trump campaign and the president after he won and was sworn in. Barr’s report may deal with the Hillary email scandal, the Uranium One deal, and the Clinton Foundation, as well as probably one other thing, the spying on Americans. Barr has already told us that he believes the previous government has spied on Trump, and he needs to find out if it was legal.

The Democrats have to believe that they will not fare well in these three investigations, and the media may not be much help to the former president. The idea that a grand jury could indict a former president doesn’t seem possible. However, as these three investigations lift the veil of secrecy, what has happened will become transparent to more and more Americans. We will be outraged when we find out as to what happened and that we could have lost freedoms. Had the treason been successful, who knows what America would look like today?

I write thrillers and have written five. I have a reputation for good twists, so here is my twist. As each event unfolds, former President Obama will become more and more likely to be directly tied to the decisions and the actions that may have been treasonous. Democrats will fear what would happen if Obama were arrested and stood trial. Republicans, on the other hand, will be afraid that the American people will expel them from the House and the Senate in retaliation for what they did to the Democrat’s beloved president.

Here is the twist: at the last moment, before the federal prosecutor is ready to indict the former president, Donald Trump will ride in on his white horse and pardon the former president. Yes, there will be some people who will be angry with the president for such a pardon. But, the guy on the white horse will be elected to a second term as president in a landslide, and the most corrupt and power-hungry president will forever be branded with the scarlet letter T for traitor, to the American dream.

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