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LMAO: WaPo Busted For Calling Louis Farrakhan ‘Far Right’

The Washinton Post — it’s where journalistic integrity dies in darkness, evidently.

They’re so completely in the tank for the Left that they’re not even conscious of their biases. But ever so often, the mask slips and they have to rush to put it back on.

Like when they covered the story about Facebook censoring certain public figures. Legacy media has been working so very hard to aid and abet Silicon Valley’s censorship that they don’t even stop to ask the question ‘why’?

It’s far easier to denounce everyone getting steamrolled as ‘the enemy’ and let them get carried out of the public square — so their ideas won’t face any scrutiny.

They give the whole game away when they get busted for pushing the elastic definitions of that ‘convenient enemy’ too far.

The Washington Post and the Atlantic are obviously working from the same echo chamber, or (worse yet) reading the same talking points.

With Facebook doing another purge, they were very quick to lump them all together. Can you spot the problem?

WaPo corrected their headlines within the hour to use the more ‘generic’ word ‘extremist’… which is every bit as pejorative.

If you actually believe Farrakhan has ANYTHING to do with the Right, you haven’t been paying attention. But they WANT the too-busy-to-pay-much-attention crowd to lump him in with the Right because Farrakhan, unlike the other names here, actually has documented antisemitic statements, and even left-wing ‘fact-checkers’ at Snopes have had to acknowledge Farrakhan has made public calls for violence.

FACT CHECK: Did Louis Farrakhan say that “if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us”?

Claim: Louis Farrakhan said that “if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us.”
Source: Snopes

Calls to violence put him in a very different category than anybody else they have purged.

Farrakhan was just rolled into the same purge because he was the face of Facistbook’s hypocrisy that everyone pointed out when it was Alex Jones’s turn to be purged.

When Clashdaily and other Conservative news sites were taken down in the ‘great purge’ last year, we all noticed that Farrakhan got a pass. Probably because he had so very many friends in the Democrat Party — including that one photo with the Congressional Black Caucus. And he opposed Trump’s presidency.

Just how ‘hateful’ is Prison Planet? He cares more about the personal well-being of one of the targeted personalities than Facebook does:

Here’s the big picture perspective:

The same could be said for Antifa — which has a well-document history of violence and property destruction.

But let some guy online advocate smaller government, and the right to challenge ideas and behavior of anyone irrespective of sex, color, or creed and that is somehow ‘dangerous’.

What good does our First Amendment do us if the public square where it makes the biggest difference — online interaction — is only open to people whose ideas meet with the full approval of the censors in Silicon Valley? (It’s a plan they’ve been pretty up-front about: Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing)

You know, the same people ‘playing ball’ with censorship rules in places like China and Pakistan?

They’re NOT ‘just a platform’. They are exerting editorial control over their content and that puts them in a very different legal category… a category that opens them up to liability over their content.

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