NYTimes Reports: Obama’s FBI Sent Undercover Agent To SPY On Trump Campaign

Written by Wes Walker on May 3, 2019

Oh, look — NYT finally figured out something the rest of us have known for what, two years now?

Here’s a flashback for anyone that’s a little late to the party.

Basing his conclusions entirely on major news outlets, Mark Levin made the case all the way back in March of 2017 that President Trump was the target of surveillance efforts.

Mark’s reporting led to Trump tweeting about having been ‘wiretapped’, something for which Trump took an awful lot of heat.

Two years later, the New York Times, the Paper of Record, is finally admitting that the very allegations the Right has been repeatedly challenged and mocked for over the last two is actually true.

Government officials sent people to infiltrate Trump’s campaign in 2016.

The decision to use Ms. Turk in the operation aimed at a presidential campaign official shows the level of alarm inside the F.B.I. during a frantic period when the bureau was trying to determine the scope of Russia’s attempts to disrupt the 2016 election, but could also give ammunition to Mr. Trump and his allies for their spying claims.
Source: NYT

The ‘two hop rule’ allows them to surveil not just the target, but the target’s contacts AND those associated with the contacts. That potentially puts the entire Trump team in the crosshairs of this surveillance — exactly as Trump had claimed. (h/t @danbongino)

Here is George Papadopoulos explaining what happened on Tucker’s show including the meeting with this mysterious female government informant… somewhere around the time when Hillary was being helped into the back of a van like a side of beef.

But it’s outrageous — OUTRAGEOUS! — for Barr to use the word ‘spying’, eh?

Next, you’ll be telling us that there’s nothing to the claims of an unaccountable group of government careerists loosely described as ‘the Deep State’, right?

The “sexy bottle blonde” woman whom a former Trump campaign adviser says came on to him in a London bar was sent there by the FBI to investigate suspected campaign collusion with Russia, according to a new report Thursday.

The woman, who used the name Azra Turk, was working for the feds when she posed as a research assistant who wanted to discuss foreign policy with Trump adviser George Papadopoulos, the New York Times said.
Source: NYPost

The key question that was asked to Barr seemed not to occur to any Democrats wringing their hands about Russia — if they were concerned that Russia may have been looking for ways to influence a political campaign, shouldn’t Trump have been warned about it?

You’d think so, right? Sure, unless there was something more sinister going on. Not that the Media (D) have been remotely interested in looking into any of THOSE stories — the breadcrumbs may lead them to some uncomfortable conclusions.

And for all the outrage on how bad spying is, the tone in NYT’s piece about it sure was making a strong effort to normalize the whole investigation. Then again, they give ALL presidential administrations the benefit of the doubt on things like this, right? Riiiight.

Thanks for finally giving us the news NYT — two years after the fact. It’s long past time for you to retire that nickname ‘the paper of record’… you’ve done more to conceal the record than report it.