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Occasional-Cortex ATTACKS Rick Scott’s Intelligence – Rick Takes Her To Shametown

Little Miss ‘clap back’ tried to step in to defend Spartacus’s indefensible anti-2A policy after Rick Scott took him to the woodshed. (It ended badly for AOC.)

It started when Cory Booker was pushing an idea that would fit in neatly with the gun control and confiscation strategies of places like Venezuela.

He wants a federal gun registry.

He thinks the government should have a comprehensive knowledge of who has how many guns. What could possibly go wrong with that plan? Even gun-shy Canadians pulled the plug on their federal long gun registry. And they don’t even HAVE anything resembling Second Amendment rights.

This was the exchange:

Alexandria Occasional-Cortex (aka Occasio-Cortez) must have been reading too many of those dopey comic books with her as the hero… she flew in to rescue poor Spartacus.

Notice how, even as she’s attacking someone in a thread she wasn’t part of, she takes time to paint herself as a victim. That’s some real ‘Strong, Independent Woman’ stuff, right there:

Scott didn’t miss a beat:

You’d think someone as omnipresent on Twitter as herself would know a thing or two about sarcasm, seeing as sarcasm is Twitter’s defacto lingua franca.

Also, someone who felt the need to post a ‘there’s a monster in my sink’ reaction to a garbage disposal is in no position to question anyone else’s thinking.

The fact that she went to social media, instead of googling it, has led some to think she’s pandering to low-income voters. I’ve no idea what this thing is. For real. Honest.

Such a phony.

Go home, AOC, and put some aloe on that.

And while you’re cooling your heels, trying to get the number of that truck that hit you… flip through the book of Proverbs. Lord knows, you could certainly use the wisdom.

There’s some good stuff in there, like this one:

“A person who is passing by and meddles in a quarrel that’s not his is like one who grabs a dog by the ears.”

Seems relevant.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck