Preacher Warns Christians: ‘YOU – NOT TRUMP – ARE THE REAL TARGET’

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2019

We already know the Left had declared open season on the rest of us, but have you thought through what their goals are?

If your first answer is ‘to knock off the President’ you’re still thinking too small.

Yes, knocking off a President is a crazy big deal, but whether they can take him down, or discredit him, or hamstring his presidency, they’re not in this for the short haul. They are looking for radical and far-reaching social changes.

And what obstacle stands in the way of those changes?

Call them ‘bitter clingers’, a ‘basket of deplorables’ or simply ‘Patriots’. The thing that stands in the way of these changes is the American public, and in particular, the Christian, believing American public.

And Mario Murillo is sounding the alarm.

They lost an election they were certain they would win, and we’re standing between them and the power they so desperately crave. So like any ordinary addict jonesing for his fix, we can expect the left’s bad behavior to get worse, rather than better.

The hornet’s nest has been kicked and we’re seeing elected Democrats, Tech Giants, Hollywood Bigwigs, and the News Media buzzing around, looking for something to sting.

The fact that groups like Facebook pulled the plug on the Strong Countercultural Voices of websites like ClashDaily in their ‘Great Purge’ is only the tip of the iceberg.

Full story here: WATCH: Doug Giles Talks About Conservative Sites Getting NUKED By Facebook

What do we, dear Christian, need to do about it?

Murillo lays out a few specific calls to action.

1) Don’t Let Them Bully You

Treat them as an affront to your rights every bit as real and objectionable as the British threat was in ’76, and be both willing and ready to push back.

2. Fight With The Weapons of God
Prayer and the Word of God were given to us for a reason. We’re not just in a political fight, but a moral and spiritual one, too. Do not neglect these key tools we’ve been given.

3. Stand Up And Be Counted
If you believe this fight represents a critical defining moment in our nation’s history, one in which the trajectory of America will be either rejuvenated or knocked into a dangerous tailspin.

Our Forefathers have left us a wonderful, robust, and thriving Republic. Will we do the same for our own children and grandchildren?

Will we put in the effort it takes to preserve it?

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