Rep. Steve Cohen (D) Mocks AG Bill Barr On The House Floor

Written by Wes Walker on May 3, 2019

Now that Mueller came up empty, the Democrats are seething with hatred toward Bill Barr. Surely that’s no coincidence.

In middle school, who is it that talks tough when the other guy’s not around — the real tough guy or the pasty-faced weasel. Keep your answer in mind as we look at what happened in the House.

There is a policy of no food or drink in the House, isn’t there? Of course, but that sort of decorum goes out the window when you’re staging a photo op to demonize a political ‘enemy’.

Foods and beverages other than water (both chambers): New US Representative Conor Lamb was recently stopped at the door to the House Chamber when he tried to bring coffee onto the floor, according to Politico reporter Heather Caygle. In the Senate, food and drinks are also prohibited, except for water, which Senate pages serve, and milk, which one senator is said to have specifically requested during a recent filibuster. Members of the House, however, aren’t allowed to enjoy a nice glass of milk.
Source: Washingtonian

The trash-talker in this story is Representative Steve Cohen, looking like a slob in the House on Thursday when Barr didn’t dance to their unconstitutional tune of demanding information Democrats are not permitted to demand.

He placed the chicken statue at the seat where AG Barr would have sat:

Rep. Cohen brought in fried chicken and ate it on the House floor:

He looks so very pleased with his little stunt, doesn’t he?

And who is the ringleader of this circus? Nadler.

Note how he is sandwiched between the mental midgets Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee:

What makes this story even crazier is that Nadler could march himself off to a SCIF and see all the information he is demanding for himself… unredacted.

But that’s NOT what he wants. He wants a public show trial. He’s hoping to smear Trump and Barr for the next two years to leverage the ‘corrupt’ card.

The real question remains, will it backfire now that even the NYT has been forced to acknowledge Obama-administration spying attempts against Trump and Co.

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