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Stadium ROARS When 96-Year-Old WWII Vet Plays Anthem… On His Harmonica

With so very few WWII vets remaining, this was a fitting tribute to Memorial Day.

Two WWII vets, had two very different stories.

Each was an amazing tribute to an important day in our year.

First, the happy one:

Here’s a little backstory about ‘Harmonica Pete’.

Before the U.S. women’s national team beat Mexico 3-0 on Sunday, a World War II veteran gave a rousing harmonica performance of the national anthem.

The crowd went wild as 96-year-old Pete DuPre, known as “Harmonica Pete,” performed during the Memorial Day Weekend game at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J.

According to, DuPre served as a medic in the 114th General Hospital Unit in Kidderminster, England. He enlisted in the Army serving three years overseas.

DuPre met with players at Omaha Beach in Normandy when the team traveled to France in January.
Source: SI

The second one is more bittersweet.

Frank Michael — 95 — was another WWII vet, an Army Technical Sgt during the war. He was invited to Washington this year as part of “Honor Flight San Diego”. He was flown to DC as a guest of a group who flies vets to DC so they can visit the monuments raised in honor of the wars they fought in.

It was a wonderful trip, which his 93-year-old brother and his sons were able to share with him.

It was during the trip back home, that Frank Michael passed away.

His son and another doctor attempted to revive him by performing CPR, but Manchel didn’t recover. Chaplains on the flight, which was filled with 82 other veterans, prayed over his body before it was draped in an American flag. As the plane began to descend into San Diego, the plane burst into an emotionally charged rendition of “God Bless America.”

Manchel’s body was placed next to his son, and each veteran aboard the flight stopped to salute and pay respects to their fellow serviceman as they deplaned.

“Frank Manchel was so excited to go on his Honor Flight. This trip was so special because he was able to be with both of his sons as well as his 93-year-old brother who met him in Washington, D.C.,” Bruce Manchel said in a written statement. “My father’s passing was the ending to the most amazing weekend, surrounded by his newest best friends.”

Honor Flight San Diego Chairman Julie Brightwell said in a Monday statement: “It was our privilege to honor this true American hero during his final hours.”
Source: Washington Examiner

Credit to American Airlines here, they’ve stepped up. They are offering to bring his mortal remains and his family members back to his home state of Michigan for the funeral.

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