Ten Questions I Would Like To Ask Of…

Written by Dan Perkins on May 13, 2019

The genesis of this commentary comes from the hundreds of hours I spend watching the various committee hearings and asking myself why didn’t those elected officials ask the right questions. I think many Americans, including me, could have asked more pointed questions. I have decided that I want to play congressman or senator for you, and at the end of the commentary, you will have the same opportunity to ask 5 questions. I believe there are at least two people who are likely to appear before Congress in the near future: they are Robert Mueller and James Comey.

If after you have read the questions and you want to ask different questions, then go to the comments section of this article and add your questions, but no more than five. When 30-days pass, I will announce the top five questions you want to ask these two people, and I will forward them to my Washington contact to start them circulating among those committee members that will be asking our questions. You also should send those five, or even more questions to your own congressman and senators.

It appears at the moment that Robert Mueller will be first up. Picture this: I’m sitting in my proper place at one of those semicircular tables with tons of paper stacked in front of me and the microphone in place when I hear: the chair recognizes the gentleman from Florida for 10 minutes. “Mr. Mueller, I have ten questions and I would like you to respond while keeping strict adherence to both laws of the land and the orders and procedures of the Justice Department in your reply, and also if you could be brief, as I only have 10 minutes.”

“1. Under federal law can the President of the United States fire any employee regardless of their position in the Executive Branch of the government, including you?

2. Do you believe that there are any exceptions to the firing rules?

3. Given what you know about the abuses in the FISA process, should a special counsel be
appointed to investigate, or will the Justice Department Inspector General work be sufficient to investigate this serious problem?

4. Do you think you should have been given the charge to look at the collusion with the Russians by the DNC and the Hillary campaign?

5. If there was no collusion, and the Russians changed no votes, as Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein reported, then is Mrs. Clinton just a sore loser?

6. Did you and/or your staffs hire or contract with Christopher Steele to work for you in your investigation?

7. When did you find out the Steele Dossier was never vetted for the FISA warrant application?

8. When you found out that it was not vetted, should you have called Rob Rosenstein and told him he should stop this investigation?

9. Why didn’t you?

10. Do you think it is possible with so many high-ranking officials involved that President Obama was aware of and sanctioned all of this illegal activity?”

There you have my ten questions. Now I ask you, were you like me yelling at the TV screen, saying to the Congressmen and women that you are asking stupid questions? When are you going to ask the questions from which we want to know the answers? Readers, now I want to hear from you as to what are the critical questions you want asked?

Do you want to know how Special Counsel Mueller thinks the media handled his report since it came out? Was he concerned about the role the mainstream media played with its false reporting, especially when he had to come out and reprimand Buzz Feed? How can our elected and non- elected leaders stand by and let a small group of elite groups and individuals try and overturn a duly elected government because their candidate didn’t win the election? Should we have spent all this time and money and the division of this country just because Hillary was a lousy candidate? Just because Hillary was a terrible campaigner who put the blame for her loss on the Russian government and Donald Trump doesn’t make it right or true. We now know she was lying to the American people when she charged the Russians and Trump with collusion. She continues to lie to the American people about her failures. Perhaps the only way for her to tell the truth is when she appears in an orange pants suit.

Get out there now and fire up your computers and get the mail and email addresses for your elected officials. Send them your questions and a clear message that you will be watching and listening to the next rounds of questioning. Let them know their possible reelection in 2020 will depend on the questions you want your representative to ask. Failure to do so may cost them their job and their reputations in their home states. And please, go to the comments section of this article and let me know your top five questions.