Hey Zuckerberg: Why Target Conservatives When You Have An ISIS Problem?

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2019

If the ‘big concern’ of Zuckerberg is supposedly safety, shouldn’t his focus be on censoring jihadis, and not right-of-center websites?

As the Facebook co-founder explained, in his call to split up Facebook, Zuckerberg is basically calling all the shots for his company himself.

He owns 60% of the shares, and there’s nobody who can tell him ‘no’. He wants to ‘dominate’ the world, and has snapped up companies like Whatsapp and Instagram as part of that larger goal.

And they Social Media titan has become quite politically invested, turning their considerable clout and strength on tilting the political landscape to favor the Blue Team. They’re not even trying to be discreet about their larger goals.

But the conservative social media presences are going dark — one by one — in the interest of ‘safety’.

Meanwhile, on their own networks, an ACTUAL threat was developing.

Isil extremists are using Instagram to promote jihad and incite support for terror attacks on the West, an investigation by The Telegraph has found.

They are circumventing the platform’s security checks to post images and text celebrating the killings of “kafir” (unbelievers) accompanied by images of dead soldiers and beheadings as well as threatening terrorist atrocities on the scale of the Sri Lankan suicide bombings that claimed 253 lives.

Some posts brazenly use Isil’s logo or images of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as their profile pictures and urge followers to join jihad.

The investigation exposes serious flaws in the ability of the social media giants to police their sites and prevent extremists exploiting them to promote their causes.
Source: Telegraph

And on the flip side, there was footage of the POS who shot up the two mosques in NZ, with the stated goal of trying to use gun-grabbers’ authoritarian over-reaction to trigger a race war halfway around the planet in the USA.

Yvette Cooper, chair of the home affairs select committee, said the discovery of such extremist was “an utter disgrace.” “We have challenged the companies many times on the way their money-making algorithms are promoting extremism – these companies are profiting from pushing poison,” she said.

“It is truly shocking social media companies aren’t sorting this out. This is why it’s time for regulation and heavy fines to get illegal and dangerous material off social media.”

The posts were uncovered by Eric Feinberg of the Global Intellectual Property Enforcement Centre who has developed a technology that can detect communications and euphemisms of terrorists in Arabic and other languages and thus trace material missed by the platforms.

He is now being followed by Isil supporters and, in a twist that exposes the dark side of the site, Instagram’s algorithms have started recommending to him other extremist Isil sympathisers to follow.

“This material is designed to incite, radicalise and recruit Isil sympathisers and lone wolves. All it takes is one person to be inspired by this and people could die as a result,” said Mr Feinberg.

…The investigation uncovered dozens of accounts daily on Instagram carrying images of terror attacks in Syria, threats to expand the jihad to the rest of the world, a beheading video, Isis fighters combat training, al Baghdadi speeches, posters extolling jihad and very young children in combat gear.

Many incite and encourage followers to join the jihad. One account posted by a bearded young extremist from Srinagar in Kashmir proclaims: “I don’t want money, I don’t want fame, I just want the gates of Jannah” – through which only those who sacrifice their lives to jihad can pass.

Some explicitly incited new atrocities. One headlined “Choosing the next target, No method is off limits”, it points to previous attacks in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, with a red question mark over: “Who is the next…”
Source: Telegraph

Yes, Milo is a showboat who takes particular delight in offending people… but the most dangerous thing one might about the guy who ironically named his tour the ‘Dangerous Fa**ot Tour’ (minus the asterisks) is the potential unceremonious trampling of anyone foolish enough to stand between him and a camera.

He, and many others like him, have now gone dark from the world that Zuck built.

Meanwhile, people who think nothing of slitting the throats of people with whom they have theological disagreements are freely roaming his digital public square.

If this other guy can find a way to identify these violent extremists, how is it that Zuckerberg can’t — or worse, won’t prioritize making THEM go dark instead of the Conservatives?

And is the reason as simple as wanting to manipulate an American election result?

If so, we need to change their status from ‘platform’ to ‘publisher’.

Which exposes them to lawsuits over content…

Maybe THEN Herr Zuckerberg, et al will start to care more about violent extremism online than they do about the sin of having a politically incorrect opinion.

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