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The Hypocritical Pope Just BLASTED Trump Again For This Ridiculous Reason

Pope Francis just can’t seem to keep his papal nose out of U.S. policy. Here’s his latest lecture to President Trump.

Let’s face it, the Bishop of Rome is no fan of President Trump and has called Trump supporters “fundamentalist radicals.” Frankly, he seemed much friendlier in his face-to-face meeting with Fidel Castro, the murderous Cuban dictator (that had Catholic Priests rounded up and slaughtered,) than the current Leader of the Free World.

Part of it is the Pope’s very left-leaning worldview that embraces Socialism. (That line in the State of the Union when POTUS DJT said, “America will never be a socialist country” must’ve really set the Pope’s teeth on edge, amirite?)

Pope Francis has been openly critical of U.S. immigration policy under President Trump. He’s criticizing the southern border wall (again) and has said that the “fear of immigration” is “making us crazy.”

From the security behind the vast Vatican Wall, the Pontiff went further last year and pontificated on the state of the soul of someone who “thinks about building walls.”

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” lectured the Pope in 2018. He continued, “This is not in the Gospel.”

(I guess he didn’t get to that whole “judge not lest ye be judged” part of the Sermon on the Mount.)

And if walls are so bad, why doesn’t Francis tear down that wall around the Vatican?

It’s pretty big, and it separates the Holy See from Italy.

The wall around the Vatican does exactly what it is supposed to — it restricts access to certain points. It’s not like President Trump wants to build a wall with no “doors” in it to separate the United States from the rest of the world. He wants to control immigration to legal ports of entry. What the heck is wrong with that?!

Pope Francis will find a way to criticize U.S. immigration policies, even if it is completely hypocritical and ignores basic facts.

The current pope, who is Argentinian, has clashed with Trump on several occasions over illegal immigration and migrant issues.

‘I don’t know what’s happening with this new culture of defending territories by building walls. We already knew one, that (one) in Berlin, which brought so many headaches and so much suffering,’ the Pope said in an interview with Mexico’s Televisa, which aired Tuesday.

Comparing the securing of a national border to the Berlin wall is utterly ridiculous. The Berlin wall was made to keep people in, not restrict illegal immigration.

We have thousands of people a day illegally crossing the southern border and we don’t have the facilities to accommodate them. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know if they’re sick. We don’t know if they’re “looking for a better life” or trying to smuggle drugs into the country. We don’t even know if the kids that they have with them are their own children or “rental kids” to help them get into the country.

But, Pope Francis calls the Trump policies “cruel.”

He said the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policies, and the push to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, is ‘very sad.’

‘Separating children from their parents goes against natural law, and those Christians … you can’t do it. It is cruel. It is among the greatest of cruelties. And to defend what? Territory, or the economy of a country or who knows what,’ Francis continued.

The Pontiff loves those migrant kids.

Watch as he gives some migrant children a ride in the Popemobile:

The pope said he would tell Trump the same exact thing if they were sitting across from each other.

‘The same. The same because I say it publicly,’ Francis told Vatican reporter Valentina Alazraki, who is Mexican. ‘I have even said that those who build walls end up being prisoners of the walls they build.’

Just one thing, though… what if those people that the kids are with aren’t their parents?

Oh, and crossing the border illegally is, well, illegal. Does that mean that we should imprison (possibly abducted) children with adults for being used as pawns by human smugglers? Or is the plan to just let them all go?

Very likely, it is. Pope Francis has said that he’s a big fan of open borders. He’s praised the unfettered immigration in Europe from Muslim countries as a good thing.

So, opposing a border wall even if 1000 or so kids every few months are being used is just “meh.” This Pope refused to comment on the sexual abuse of kids by priests.

I guess children being used and tossed aside isn’t an urgent issue like climate change.

But it’s the folks that want a border wall to curb the trafficking of children that aren’t Christians, according to Pope Francis.

There are no future plans for Trump and the pope to meet again.

Francis was also asked about a group of ultra-conservatives who earlier this month began a signature campaign urging bishops to denounce him as a heretic over a range of topics from communion for the divorced to religious diversity.

Francis said he did not feel hurt and took it ‘with a sense of humor,’ adding, ‘I pray for them because they are wrong, and, poor people, some of them are being manipulated.’
Source: Daily Mail

It looks like the Pope doesn’t like criticism and denounces his critics as “poor people” who are being manipulated.

Is that what Jesus would say, I wonder?

Maybe it’s that this current Pope has seemed to think that the whole Papal infallibility thing is also with regard to political matters.

Well, he’s wrong on that.

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