Trump BLASTS James Comey In An Epic Late Night Tweet – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on May 10, 2019

Does anyone else get the feeling DJT is more than a little sick of this arrogant little crap-weasel?

When Hillary lost the election, the Democrats wanted his head on a pike for what he had done. But when he became the useful idiot who teed up the Mueller Investigation, miraculously, all was forgiven.

How quickly the Dems forget Comey was the same duplicitous incompetent he had been when they were calling for him to be fired only a few weeks earlier.

With Avenatti out of the picture (and facing a real possibility of prison) they need a new ‘champion’ to gin up excitement for the Resistance.

Enter James Comey. Yes, CNN is THAT desperate for ratings. After all, there was that recent piece putting their ratings in perspective: America has more prostitutes than CNN has viewers. (And witches… and chickens kept as pets… and…)

So they trotted out Comey to flog the twin dead horses of Russian Collusion and obstruction.

Because he’s nothing more than a one trick pony. Of course they love him — the greasy little weasel always has something sanctimonious to say about the president. Facts be damned.

Trump let him have it:

What did Comey prattle on about in his extra-long visit to CNN?

When asked whether he thought that obstruction charges should be brought against Trump when he leaves the White House, Comey said: ‘I think the justice department will have to take a serious look at that.

‘Whether it’s a wise thing to do to a former president, I don’t know. That’s a harder question, a much bigger question than the facts of the case.’

Cooper pressed: ‘But you think the evidence is there to prosecute?’

‘Sure looks like it’s there with respect to at least a couple of those episodes of obstruction,’ Comey replied.

He continued: ‘There is a whole lot of facts laid out in Bob Mueller’s report that raise serious questions about whether there is a chargeable case for obstruction and witness tampering against this president.’

So are we REALLY supposed to take the judgment of the guy who couldn’t find criminal intent in Hillary Clinton for the willful destruction of evidence in a follow-up crime to unlawfully operating an email server to handle classified documents?

When questioned by Gowdy, Comey admitted at Hillary had told the FBI at least six direct lies about the issue. THAT is what criminal obstruction looks like.

We’re supposed to trust COMEY’s judgment? Comey himself is now lying about the Mueller investigation. Mueller specifically indicated that the provisions preventing the indicting a sitting President were NOT determinative in what informed the team not to proceed with criminal referrals.

Strzok and Page knew even before Comey interviewed her that Hillary wouldn’t face any consequences.

But he’s been opposed to Trump from the beginning.

The more we learn about the sketchy circumstances surrounding the Steele Dossier and ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, the more those reasons seem to come into focus.

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