What Jon Voight Just Said About Trump & Lincoln Will Make Libs FLIP OUT

Written by Wes Walker on May 25, 2019

This will hit the talking heads like a slap in the face especially the ones who have compared him to Hitler and Pearl Harbor.

But, unlike the hyperbolic and hyperventilating Left, Voight argues his case in simple and clear words, in a minute and twenty-one seconds of video gold.

Trump, to his way of thinking, is the greatest president since Lincoln. And Voight gives a couple of reasons why he thinks so.

He isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts about the political Left, either.

Greatest since Lincoln? Wow.

That’s high praise indeed — knowing how highly we all esteem ‘Ronaldus Magnus’.

We can predict the Left’s over-heated reaction already… their responses are typically knee-jerk and emotion-diven anyway.

And the Bush family will be striking Voight off their Christmas card list. They won’t like it; not one little bit.

But to those of us willing to THINK our way through issues instead of FEELING our way through them we present the question:

Is Voight right to make that assertion? Or is he over-selling it?

Is Trump truly the greatest President since Lincoln?

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