Christians That Are Against Trump Are Idiots

Written by Doug Giles on June 20, 2019

Trump v. Obama? It isn’t even close.

Some delicate flowers get their panties in a twist just THINKING about the rough tweets and aggressive talk that comes out of the President’s mouth. It’s ‘unpresidential’ and ‘beneath his office’.

They seem to think — to quote the memorable words of Joe Biden — that such talk is ‘a big f***ing deal’. But are WORDS really the best way to judge a politician’s time in office?

Obama knew how to flatter, and look the part of the ‘decent’ guy, even when he was sliding a knife between your ribs. Trump, on the other hand, can’t be bothered with such formalities. Whether he loves you or hates you, you REALLY know where you stand with him.

And the superficial read of such things might make the casual observer who isn’t paying attention think that smooth-talking Obama was far more friendly to a Christian manner of life than the successor whose language is rougher than grandma’s breath.

And that assessment would only be off by about … 180 degrees.

Bold claim. But can we back it up?

Of course we can! Here’s a complete breakdown of how we get there, complete with chapter and verse. When you’re done, pass it along to your finger-wagging liberal aunt, and watch her head explode.

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