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During ‘Reparations’ Hearing At Congress, Burgess Owens Takes Dems To TruthTown

He gave them and their record a good-and-proper bare-knuckle beatdown, while he was at it.

The Democrat dog-and-pony show continued in Congress with hearings on reparations. For some crazy reason, they think this is a winning issue for them.

You’d think that at least Kamala Harris — being herself descended from plantation owners [REPARATIONS: Kamala Harris’s Dad Reveals They Are Descended From A SLAVE OWNER] — might have the good sense to warn Democrats this is a bad idea that will blow up in their face like a novelty cigar.

But no. ‘Good sense’ is a scarce commodity in that crowd. So they’re charging ahead and are (evidently) intent on making this a key election issue.

It’s their political party. Far be it for us stand in the way of their political self-destruction…

But the boomerang started sooner than even we would have predicted. Because Burgess Owens got an invite to speak his mind on the issue.

And yes, he had a few things he wanted to say.

I’m gonna talk about some ideologies, and when I talk about them I’m not talking about people. People change, I used to be a Democrat, until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race.

I do not believe in reparation, because what reparation does, it points to a certain race, a certain color, and appoints them as evil, and appoints the other race — my race — as one that is that is not only becomes racist, but also beggars.

I DO believe in restitution. Let’s point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, that has killed over 40% of our black babies, 20 million of them.

The state of California, 75% of our black boys can’t pass standard reading and writing tests. A DEMOCRATIC State.

So yes, let’s pay restitution. How about the Democratic party pay for all the misery brought to my race. And those, who after learning their history decide to stay there, they should pay also, they’re complicit.

And every white American — Republican or Democrat — who feels guilty because of your white skin, you should need to pony up also.

That way we can get past this reparation and recognize that this country has given us greatness. Look at this panel…

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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