Dear LGBT PEEPS: You’re Not Being Persecuted In The U.S. – Here’s Proof

Written by Wes Walker on June 5, 2019

In case you haven’t already had the message blasted at you six ways past Sunday — it’s ‘Pride’ Month.

It’s hard to miss it now that ‘Pride’ has grown faster than Jack’s beanstalk. What was once a ‘parade’ quickly became a ‘week’ and now has its very own month.

Not only that, but its month has managed to choke out all the oxygen for anything else being ‘celebrated’ that month. (Can you name a single other thing celebrated in June?)

And Heaven help anyone who doesn’t genuflect at that secular altar.

They’ll pay a heavy price. Just ask the former CEO from Mozilla.

Or the parent who pulled their kid from the parade — and wound up banned from school property over it. School BANS Parent From School Property For Objecting To Gay Pride Day

Activists have been crying about how ‘dangerous’ Trump’s administration is.

‘Mayor Pete’ has been picking a fight with Pence over the issue, despite the fact that Pence has never been anything but nice to him. Franklin Graham Puts Preachy ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg On Blast!

Cher has it in her demented little head that internment camps are Trump’s secret plan: If You Need MORE Proof Cher’s Insane – Read Her Latest ANTI-TRUMP Screed

Even Ellen DeGeneres once claimed to fear for her safety in a Trump administration.

But for all that posturing, there is strong evidence that there is NO problem with the ‘Pride’ crowd being persecuted. As Matt Walsh puts it:

A question comes to mind: If gay people are systemically oppressed in this country, if they are in fact a persecuted minority, then why are all of the most powerful companies on Earth clawing out each other’s eyes in a competition to be the most pro-gay? And, even more confusingly, why are people so desperate to be included in this persecuted minority that they’re coming up with ridiculous labels for even the most normal sexual appetites? And how are gay people able to march through the streets of every major city, sometimes with cross-dressing children at the head of the parade, announcing their sexuality to the whole world — even if the world didn’t ask and doesn’t care — if they are so oppressed? I have never seen oppression that works like this.

Compare this situation to that faced by black Americans before the Civil Rights Era, or Jews in Nazi Germany. I do not think that the wealthiest and most powerful voices in either country were publicly sucking up to either group. I do not think that those who did not belong to either group in either country were clamoring to be included in it. LGBT folks will often appropriate the historical plight of both groups in an effort to paint themselves as victims, but the comparison does not do them any favors.

The LGBT acronym expands because everyone wants into the club. People do not join clubs because they want to be persecuted. People join clubs because of the benefits that membership will grant them. What are the benefits of being LGBT? Well, you get your own Budweiser cup, for one thing. And you also get vociferous admiration from almost every corner of society. Whether this is a good or bad situation is up to each individual to decide. Just don’t tell me that this is what persecution looks like. There is another “p” word that better describes it: Privilege.
Source: DailyWire

If you STILL don’t believe it, look at all the blowback that came back when someone suggested a ‘Straight Pride’ march in Boston.

Seriously, why should Gay People care if Heterosexuals felt like celebrating their traditional values? It shouldn’t really bother them at all, should it?

But in 2019, Pride Gets its own month, but the very suggestion of a ‘straight pride’ march had people triggered. No less a ‘luminary’ than Occasional-Cortex led the charge in mocking it.

And here we thought she SUPPORTED the First-Amendment right of a citizen to organize and promote WHATEVER message they chose to speak. Or does that only apply to sufficiently ‘woke’ messages?

Go ahead, tell us more about how LGBT (&c) peeps are an especially ‘persecuted’ class.

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