‘Fact Checkers’ Declare That LIBERALS Tell The Truth ALL The Time

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2019

Of course. They’re from that imaginary land where anyone who isn’t Left of Lenin is automatically lying. No bias there!

MSNBC viewers woke up to Joe Scarborough touting how incredible the Democrats were. “Not only were they talking substantive policy but also making it a very boring night for fact-checkers who haven’t slept for two and a half years!” There was laughter and applause from the breakfast crowd he assembled for his show. His wife, Mika Brzezinski, chimed in saying, “They took the night off!” MSNBC analyst Eddie Glaude seconded the emotion, oozing that the Democrats brought “fact-based reality” to their policy talk.
Source: DailyWire

Right. Took the night off.

We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we? FAKE NEWS: Just HOW Worthless Are Those New ‘Media Monitors’… Here’s A List!

We could list all the True and Mostly true assessments Politifact gave all the Democratic candidates in the debate, but it might be easier to just do this, instead. The same company that takes every opportunity to tilt assessments of Trump’s admin into the negatives, incredibly still found a way to salvage a kernel of truth in this one:

“MOSTLY” false. With a caveat.

Well, there you go. We can TOTALLY trust the objectivity of these ‘fact-checkers’, right?

How silly are they getting? This silly:

The Dopes At Snopes Just ‘Fact-Checked’ A Parody Site … Again
And if they’re not silly, they’re either corrupt, or in some cases busted for the same things they accuse their political enemies of — or worse: Southern Poverty Law Center Fires Co-Founder Morris Dees Amidst Allegations Of Racism And Sexism

PolitiFact actually boasted on Twitter during the debate: “We’ve been fact-checking @ewarren since 2014. She has never received a rating lower than Half True.” How is that possible? Easy. For one, PolitiFact has never issued a Truth-O-Meter ruling on Warren’s claim of being part Cherokee Indian.

Warren and Cruz were both elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012. But from 2012 through 2018, Warren was assessed seven times, all favorably. Cruz was evaluated on 157 statements — roughly 22 times as often! In 2018, as both ran for re-election, PolitiFact evaluated Cruz 16 times … and Warren zero.

Doesn’t this underline how these “independents” think liberals are incapable of dishonesty and conservatives lie once a minute?
Source: DailyWire

At least WaPo was honest about catching some of them in lies. For example: Beto got it wrong when he said Purdue Pharma paid no price for selling opioids. There was a Quarter-Billion dollar civil settlement for damages. They also nailed Tim Ryan’s financial claims, and the whopper about trans-women (formerly known as ‘dudes in dresses’) having the right to an abortion.

SOMEHOW, the fact-checkers taking the night off were oblivious to them. As was MSNBC flunkie ‘Morning Joe’.

Will he say WaPo is lying? Or will he admit he’s full of crap?

Nope. They’ll move on, retracting nothing and let this mischaracterization stand in the historical record so that they can quote it in the future, and thus conveniently rewrite history in their party’s favor.

Meanwhile, Trump is busy making history crossing the border in North Korea in an effort to restart negotiations.

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