Kamala Harris’ and America’s Hypocrisy — Your Party and Policies Tell Me You Don’t Care

Written by Bill Martinez on June 29, 2019

Hey Kamala Harris you were that little 2 nd grade girl on a bus, BUT what about those
unfortunate little Black American girls that your policies and reproductive rights ensure that they will never see a bus, go to school, become an attorney, prosecutor and public servant?

Estimates range from 36-40% of the abortions since the SCOTUS dictate of Roe v Wade in 1973 have been executed on Black America. Some 25% on Hispanics. And simple math will tell us that half of those numbers totaling 61 million-plus were little girls. What about their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

I guess our founding fathers were remise in not adding, “when it’s convenient” to the language of our Constitution. Roe v Wade introduced America to our new god of convenience, language and political correctness. So at the altar of our new god lies the remnants of our children, torn to pieces and emptied into the inconvenient trash bins of humanity.

But don’t worry much about the human waste and body parts. Disgustingly, (and by the way, against the law) Planned Parenthood has created a new business model to repurpose baby body parts for profit. And typical of everything associated with the abortion industry, the priests of our new god are allowed to operate with impunity perpetrating this epic holocaust in our very own country, America.

This diabolical plan for population control, and eradication of the “less than’s” of America was lead yes by the eugenicist Margaret Sanger and implemented by the Abortion king, Dr Bernard Nathanson.

Quick side bar on Sanger, today our woke citizens are revolting over the sin of slavery and anyone or symbol associated with this painful part of our history. A dark part of our story that continues to lead us to the “Light,” if only we have eyes that want to see.

But yet, The Margaret Sanger Award continues to be awarded annually to champions for
reproductive rights, abortion on demand and the extermination of millions of our citizens. Past winners include: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Jane Fonda, Justice Harry Blackmun, the Honorable Bella Abzug, Ann Landers, The Reverend Martin Luther King, and others of notable position and persuasion. How does the symbol of this modern holocaust continue to be acceptable in our woke culture that cannot deal with the symbols of slavery or even a red hat?

Back to the Abortion king who by the way even aborted two of his own children and lived to regret it. Before he died he shared his specific eight point propaganda plan with Terry Beatley of Hosea Initiative, a frequent guest on our radio show. He regretfully realized that his efforts had unleashed a monster upon our society. As an Atheist born of Jewish heritage, perhaps he wanted to clear his conscience.

For whatever reason, it’s clear Roe v Wade was a plan based on lies that has lead to the deaths of over 61 million babies and counting. Amazing how selective we have become in our outrage for death and murder. A child taken by his parents to a brave new world is shown lying dead at our border and the outcry seems so phony and incredulous.

Like abortion, this has been happening in broad daylight and we only care when it’s convenient or when it serves some political end game. A memo to America, we are reaping, and will reap even more for what we have sown. Experience and common sense teaches us that when we sow good, we get good. And when we sow evil, it’s evil we get. We are judging ourselves.

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live. Find out more at billmartinezlive.com