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For the Left, It’s Abortion Over Everything Else

The world-record for the number of balls a human being has juggled is eleven. I can manage three, so color me impressed.

Mind you, modern Leftists have been juggling for years, and it’s getting more daunting for them as the political scene keeps churning. No, they’re not working with spherical objects or bean bags or flaming chainsaws, but with fiercely competing, often awkwardly conflicting, policy positions. It’s not unusual for their passions for one particular cause or voter-block to collide with those for another. The results — like brightly tinted balls smashing together mid-fight and scattering frantically in all directions — can be disorienting; even comic.

Should resources and energies be devoted to battling “racism”, “misogyny” or “homophobia”? Is it a problem when environmentally concerned celebs spew gobs of CO2 jetting around the nations talking up human rights? When “trans-women” smoke cis-gender gals on the track field which ideological side wins: the sexual anarchists or modern feminism?

Then there are those moments discordant Leftism’s outcomes are downright grisly: whenever pretty much any liberal piety slams up against “abortion rights”, for example. Where that occurs, guess which interest yields; every time.

Exhibit A, from Terry Jeffrey:

[T]he Supreme Court … let stand a decision handed down by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that said it is unconstitutional for Indiana to ban abortions that a mother seeks solely because she is displeased with certain attributes of her unborn child, including the child’s sex, race or disability. …

In its opinion declaring the law unconstitutional, the appeals court summarized the law’s “Sex Selective and Disability Abortion Ban,” stating that it prohibited abortions where “‘the pregnant woman is seeking’ an abortion ‘solely because of the sex of the fetus‘ … ‘solely because the fetus has been diagnosed with Down syndrome … ‘ or has been diagnosed with or has a potential diagnosis of ‘any other disability’ … or ‘solely because of the race, color, national origin, or ancestry of the fetus.'”

(emphasis added)

Planned Parenthood, of course, was involved. Its Indiana and Kentucky affiliates sued the Hoosier State to quench this law. A U.S. district court obligingly declared the law unconstitutional and the appeals court upheld their decision. Citing Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey — every death merchant’s favorite sacred texts — the 7th Circuit bench avowed, “[T]he State may not prohibit a woman from exercising that right for any reason.”

It’s guaranteed, high-fives were flying in progressive precincts when this news broke, but … Hold the fort! Targeting specifically minority, female or disabled unborn children is a Lefty cause célèbre?

Star Parker announces the obvious snag: “What liberal would ever tolerate American law protecting this type of discrimination? Yet these same liberals are adamant that abortion for these same reasons is just fine.”

For decades, we’ve been unrelentingly tutored in the received wisdom that Liberals serve as stout champions of women, minorities, immigrants and the physically or mentally infirm. It’s monotonously droned at us via the Democrat party, mainstream media, public schools, universities and the Hollywood culture.

Then abortion shows up at the party and every one of these claims withers. Utterly and ignominiously.

Mind you, that’s how it’s gotta be among the sophisticates and “enlightened” — for them it’s always abortion über alles. Along with children’s lives, Liberalism’s most cherished principles are sacrificed on this modern-day altar of Moloch; antiseptically styled “choice”.

Referencing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Jackie Gingrich Cushman informs:

[P]renatal screening has led to high abortion rates for “children diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero.” Abortion rate by country: Iceland near 100%, Denmark 98%, United Kingdom 90%, France 77% and 67% in our country.

…Thomas cited the high rate of female fetal abortions in India over the past few decades, resulting in “50 million more men than women in the country” today. This also happened in China, where there are 34 million more men than women as a result of China’s now defunct one-child policy.

So, thankfully, America is behind the slaughterous curve on this measure. But is it a pattern gestating on our shores courtesy of eugenics-tinged abortion policies?

“The reported nationwide abortion ratio … among black women is nearly 3.5 times the ratio for white women,” wrote Thomas …[T]he racial gaps are almost incomprehensible. “In New York City … black children are more likely to be aborted than they are to be born alive — … up to eight times more likely to be aborted than white children in the same area”.

The Democrats would shout about any other issue with such a great racial disparity, and they would be right. Instead, they are framing this issue by sex.

Even women’s health safety seemingly is being sidelined in wake of twenty-first century fetus-killing mania. “After three years of research, a team of behavioral neuroscientists has found the possibility of significant harmful biological and behavioral effects caused by drug-induced abortion,” writes Breitbart.

Study leader Dr. Stephen Sammut warns, “There are potential physiological consequences that have not been investigated … The trivialization of the use of these drugs at any age … is very dangerous. Even an aspirin has its side effects….and the consequences of the administration of these drugs is significantly greater than many an aspirin.”

In the pay of the abortion idol, medical caution is being heaved to the wind. Anything less than child-snuffing exuberance is reflexively dismissed, no matter the potential victims — pre-born babies, their mommies, whomever. Shhhh. Change the subject!

Feminists, pick up your phones.

And while we’re at it, where are the SJWs and race-activists taking up for these tiny members of their supposed constituencies? Muzzled by Planned Parenthood orthodoxy, apparently.

What about the tribunes for the handicapped? This week, a UK writer chided Toy Story 4 (!!) for being racist, sexist and “disableist”. Has she noticed the global genocide being visited upon yet-to-be-born Down Syndrome Children?

Pro-aborts ruthlessly quash some of mankind’s finest traits, the noble parenting instinct included. Worse, they stoke ugly aspects of human nature: selfishness, short-sightedness, intellectual and moral dishonesty. The splashback lays bear Progressives’ hypocrisy and sabotages lots of their other high-profile efforts.

Yep, whether of the literal or political variety, feats of juggling can get tricky. They’re also a regular feature of the circus; and rather popular among clowns.

Image: Courtesy of: (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.