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Gofund Me Account Set Up For Punk That Spit On Eric Trump

So, is the employee trying to profit off of attacking a political ‘enemy’? Or is this some swindler pretending to raise money in their name?

Just the other day ClashDaily reported the story about Eric Trump being spat upon by the employee of a supposedly upscale speakeasy in Chicago.

Eric pressed no charges against the woman who attacked him. Maybe he should have.

She was either suspended or fired by the Aviary. (Aviary claims she was placed on leave.)

And just like that, up popped a Gofundme account. Says the creator of that account:

“My friend allegedly spat on Eric Trump and got fired. That’s what happens when we bring the crises from our neighborhoods to the people causing/getting rich off those crises,” wrote the friend, identified only as Brian. “I want to make sure she’s good to go until she finds a new job, and that she won’t have to worry about paying any legal fees etc. Throwdown to support this young badass who wasn’t going to let some jagoff bully get away with his nonsense.”

“We’re trying to keep her anonymous for now, to keep her and her family safe, so you’re not going to find her name here. This stuff might all blow up or her name might get leaked or whatever, so this page might disappear. Stay tuned on other social media to keep tabs on what’s happening,” Brian added.

There is no evidence Eric Trump, the second son of President Donald Trump, was acting as a “jagoff bully” or disruptive in any way.
Source: DailyWire

We remind our readers that many Gofundme accounts have no connection to the cause they claim to support (just ask ‘Stormy Daniels’ how much of the amount Avenatti raised actually reached her): Dear CNN: Michael Avenatti Is Being Charged With Stealing $300K From Stormy Daniels — Is THAT News?

We don’t really know where that money is going, do we?

In the bar’s defence, they are not among the people cheering on the disgusting attack, or the outrage mobs on either side.

“The online discussion about the incident is troubling. Hundreds of people are calling for the demise of our business, threatening our employees, and posting fake reviews… they are wrong to do so based on the actions of a lone individual,” the statement said.

“So too, however, are those people wrong who are praising this as an act of civil disobedience. We have voices and the means to be heard. A degrading act lowers the tenor of debate. To some it might feel good, but it is unlikely to serve any larger purpose,” the statement continued.
Source: DailyWire

Looks like some yahoo is looking to profit off a criminal act.

Seeing that the event is being leveraged for profit, maybe charges SHOULD be pressed, eh Mr. Trump? It’s probably not too late to reconsider. After all, if ONE person can cash in off a criminal act like this, what’s to stop dozens more from trying the same game?

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