Hey CNN: If Trump Is So ‘Antisemitic’, Why Did Israel Just Name THIS After Him?

Written by Wes Walker on June 17, 2019

He’s going to need some remedial racism lessons. Maybe Ilhan Omar can give him some tutoring.

Trump is the first president to get an honor like this from Israel since the Truman Presidency!

What is it they did for him? They went ahead and named something after him.

No, not the train station near the Western Wall — that’s old news.

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They’re naming something else after him:

Here’s the big reveal:

They didn’t, did they?

Oh, yes, they did!

Back on his ‘most MAGA day ever‘ (it was a VERY busy news day) we mentioned Trump’s announcement about supporting Israel’s claim on the Golan Heights.

And now they’re naming a settlement after him. It isn’t big or anything. But it is an open acknowledgment of the cooperation between American and Israel. (And that alone has got to be positively KILLING the DNC’s ‘freshmen class’ whose contempt for Israel is patently transparent.)

Here’s what ‘Bibi’ has to say about it:

The village of “Ramat Trump”, which has yet to be built, is in a contested frontier zone 7.5 miles from Syria. “Establishing a new community in the Golan Heights named after a friend of Israel, US President @realDonaldTrump. A historic day,” Netanyahu wrote.

The renaming of the village is part of an effort by Netanyahu to rebuild the aging town and bring in new residents. Netanyahu’s government has been unable to earmark funds and get final approval for the project because his party has been unable to form a coalition government despite leading Israel’s April 9 election, according to Reuters.
Source: Washington Examiner

Ironically, it wouldn’t be the first ‘renewal project’ with the Trump name on it. And, while nothing in this life is guaranteed, some of them went very well indeed.

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