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Hey CNN: The ‘Notorious RBG’ Just Praised Kavanaugh’s Treatment Of Women… Is That ‘News’?

In CNN’s world, of make-belive, Kavanaugh is a drunken misogynist and possible sex offender. In REAL life, his treatment of women is top-notch.

Tough question, CNN: will you finally admit Kavanaugh the ‘good guy’ we said he was all along, or are you going to throw Ruth Bader Ginsberg under the bus and call her a liar?

Aside from burying the inconvenient story entirely, which is par for the course over there, there really is no third option.

Even Far-Left political hacks like Vanity Fair, or worse, Mother Jones are now acknowledging Kavanaugh’s treatment of women.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh squeaked through his confirmation hearing last year after being accused by Christine Blasey Ford of sexual assault during a high school party. Women’s groups vigorously fought his confirmation and warned that his presence on the court would pose a significant threat to hard-fought legal rights for women.

So it’s no small irony that this year, thanks solely to Kavanaugh, for the first time ever, the majority of Supreme Court law clerks are female. And perhaps it’s also no small irony that on Friday, feminist icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg publicly gave Kavanaugh kudos for his hiring. In an otherwise deadly dull speech she gave to the 2nd Circuit Judicial Conference in New York, Ginsburg said, “Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew. Thanks to his selections, the Court has this Term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks.”
Source: Mother Jones

Isn’t that exactly what he SAID he was going to do during the confirmation hearings? So, he kept his promise?

Vanity Fair similarly says:

There will always be a need for more women in law, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t about to let Brett Kavanaugh’s three-ring circus of a confirmation get in the way of recognizing it. The Supreme Court justice and feminist heroine offered a small but significant bit of praise for her fellow justice on Friday night, noting the beer-loving Trump nominee “made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew.”

Ginsburg was delivering prepared remarks to a conference for judges in New York on Friday night, and addressed the prospect of equal gender representation in the legal sphere. “Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew,” Ginsburg noted, in reference to a promise Kavanaugh made during his tumultuous confirmation. “Thanks to his selections, the Court has this Term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks.”
Soure: Vanity Fair

So, to recap:

The allegedly anti-female President Donald J Trump appoints the supposedly drunken, enraged sex offender Kavanaugh to office — and suddenly for the first time EVER — Women have a better representation clerking in the Supreme Court than men do?

How is it this triumph happened in the first 2 years of Trump, and never happened under eight years of super-woke ‘uber-feminist’ Obama?

Is it possible there could be a *gasp* flaw in the narrative about woman-hating Trump and Frat-boy Kavanaugh? Could the both be more decent than CNN has told us they are?

Oh, NO! Say it ain’t so! What ELSE might they have gotten wrong?

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