Disgusting: Young Boy TWERKS At ‘Pride’ Event (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on June 10, 2019

Do mom and dad know? Better question: did they teach him how to ‘dance’ like this?

Tell us again how there is no ‘slippery slope’ and that nobody’s pushing any ‘sexual agenda’.

If this little boy were caught ‘twerking’ in front of some rogue priest — we’d be calling for an arrest. But let him ‘Twerk’ as part of a ‘Pride’ event, that same behavior supposed to be celebrated and encouraged?

What happened to the understanding that the innocence of children is sacrosanct, and they should not be in any way sexualized or exploited?

Well, that ‘red line’ has been crossed a few times before now, hasn’t it?

You’ve got the Drag Queen Library Storytime events featuring guys in skirts and makeup that are deliberately intended to normalize behavior that was once considered marginal. Surprise, surprise, one of them was a known sexual offender — who had victimized CHILDREN.

We now see ‘transitioning’ children. Here is one, for example, that is only five years old and learning to live as a girl.

And the rise in cross-dressing kids is being celebrated as some kind of a cultural victory by the left.

Even so, the following video will test the limits of most sane people’s gag reflexes.

How old would you say that boy is, shaking his hips like a stripper? Is he even ten yet? How is this NOT considered the sexual grooming of a minor?

He’s not the only one. The headline for 7-year old transgender child marching in the Pride parade was, “7-year old trans child wins L.A. Pride Parade with fierce strut in heels.”

Where are the Pride activists in denouncing the sexualization of minors? There’s gotta be some out there who find this beyond the pale — aren’t there?

Again, if this boy did exactly the same performance after hours and alone with a teacher, priest, coach or other authority figure, the police would get involved. As they should.

So what makes the sexualization of a child ok in this context?

Supposing fifteen years from now, this kid came forward and said he was exploited, we would be rightly incensed. But what if his ‘twerking’ IS the warning sign; the cry for help?

Is it possible he being groomed for future abuse?

And, it goes without saying that ‘future abuse’ isn’t even the worst-case scenario, is it?

Do we tell ourselves such things are ok, and that only ‘haters’ object to it? Or does someone need to take a stand and protect the innocence of children — whether or not it’s politically expedient to do so?

And if we can’t stand up for children — who CAN we stand up for?

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