Major Tech Magazine Calls Out Dark Motive Behind Facebook Cryptocurrency

Written by Wes Walker on June 28, 2019

In case we didn’t think these titans of tech were ALREADY more than a little power-mad, now we’ve got THIS new wrinkle to think about.

You know that scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail when King Arther argues with the peasant about how he came to be king?

This new Zuckerberg story has a weird way of bringing that scene just a little too ‘close to home’.

“Strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis of a system of government…”

True enough. But how about creating a social network? Is THAT a ‘basis of a system of government’?

Wired magazine thinks that’s pretty much what Zuckerberg is up to at this point.

So many more stores and places to visit, it’s almost like you never have to go anywhere else.

And the best part is that the place finally got its own money! Talk about a milestone. It’s like your little digital home is finally turning into its own … country.

Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about Facebook. And what I’m guessing is that this is exactly what Facebook wants to be. Not a company, a country.

And while Facebook’s ambitions appear unsubtle (at least to me), the biggest tech companies are all building more and more advanced and immersive ecosystems. So maybe it’s time to start asking: What is the functional difference between a company and a country?

It’s not a crazy question: We’re already at a point where huge multinational tech monopsonies have so much power over the global economy that central bankers and regulators are starting to wonder if they even have the tools to set economic policy, like they used to in the old days.

And the reason these big tech companies are different from other giant multinational corporations like Exxon Mobile or ConAgra or even, strangely, Microsoft is that their ambition really is to own all your interactions, not just your driving or your eating or your typing.
Source: Wired

No wonder there’s so much interest being generated in the upcoming one-day ‘Censored‘ conference on tech censorship, headline Dinesh D’Souza. Save The Date: ‘Censored’ Event Pushing Back Against Tyrannical Left

The Wired piece continues:

Oh, and these companies happen to boast user populations larger than any single country, not to mention the fact that they have annual revenues far exceeding many countries’ GDP dreams.

And now they want to create their own money.

Facebook’s proposal for Libra, a cryptocurrency backed by a basket of real currencies, and controlled by an independent body of partners based in Switzerland, might seem a step or two removed from being under Facebook’s control. But the power of Libra doesn’t lie in control as much as it lies in adoption.
Source: Wired

What are they warning against?

They are warning against the digital potential to completely remake the global financial systems. It wouldn’t be competing against Bitcoin for global dominance. It would be competing against the Greenback.

Are you paying attention yet?

Facebook’s Cofounder has already warned us against Zuckerberg’s totalitarian control of his company and has been sounding an alarm before the specter of their own currency even reared its ugly little head. Facebook’s Co-Founder Says It’s Time To BREAK UP Facebook – ‘It’s Dangerous’

Now that he’s thrashed CNN into irrelevance, maybe the President needs to set his sights on social media next.

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