Trump Only Tweeted 1x During 2nd Dem Debate – Here’s What SPURRED That Tweet

Written by Wes Walker on June 28, 2019

Good news — the parties are FINALLY being honest about what they REALLY stand for!

Some of you watched the debates last night. Others would sooner gouge out your own eye with a spoon. (That reaction is entirely understandable, by the way.)

Trump, being the President and all, had better things to do.

Better things like talk to Angela Merkel and some of the other G20 leaders in Japan. (Which, in some cases isn’t far off from the spoon thing, to be honest.) But he did mention that he caught some bits and pieces of the debate.

He caught enough of it to tweet this:

What was the question they were reacting to?

This one.

So, let me get this straight. They are pledging that people who have come here illegally, who CANNOT pay taxes, because they work under the table should have their health care fully funded by the tax payers?

How many such people should have their health care subsidized?

Just the ones who already live here?

Nah, that can’t be it. Some of these same candidates are explicitly calling for the decriminalization not only of PAST illegal immigration (as in, Amnesty) they are pushing to legitimize illegal entry altogether.

How many million more illegal immigrants promised free health for expensive treatments like renal failure or TB care do you suppose it would take to strain our system to the breaking point?

It’s rare to see candidates standing before a nation while asking for a mandate to commit cultural and economic suicide, but — well — here we are.

Welcome to the Democratic primaries of 2019.

On the upside — with them pushing so far to the left, Trump’s promise paints a bright line between the two competing visions of America’s future:

As one observer stated:

And he’s right!

Game On!