Ozzy Osbourne Just Picked A Fight With President Trump – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on June 28, 2019

Ozzy? What happened to you? When did the ‘Prince of Darkness’ become the ‘get off my lawn’ guy?

From his time in Black Sabbath, to his solo career, to his infamous incident involving the unfortunate end of a live bat, Ozzy had a reputation for being a real S#^! disturber.

But now he’s become just another old fuddy-duddy complaining about the kids having the wrong kind of fun. And he disapproves.

Ozzy, it turns out, does NOT like memes.

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Especially parody memes.

Especially parody memes that use HIS music to cheer Trump and mock leftists.

Trump didn’t MAKE it, but he did SHARE it. Here’s the video that has Ozzy’s panties in a twist:

Sharon Osbourne — who, unlike Ozzy, CAN still string a coherent sentence together — had this to say to Trump:

That misunderstanding of parody is pretty rich for someone who happily cashed in on using Trump’s 2016 message:

Poor Ozzy sounds like he needs to wash his Metamucil down with some prune juice. Sharon too. Maybe that will help them loosen up.

In a showdown between the Madman of Metal and the Stable Genius in the White House — my money’s on the White House.

If you start to add up Trump’s accomplishments — economic, domestic freedoms, foreign policy and more — the question of whether he will be remembered as one of the truly great presidents is becoming less of a wry joke and more of a serious consideration.

That was the inspiration behind our own Big Dawg and resident artist Doug Giles’s latest Trump / MAGA themed piece in his collection.

What if — by the time he’s finished his eight years in office — he’s turned the ship around and he ranks in the rarified air of THIS crowd?

Sound crazy? Maybe but that’s what they said when he announced his candidacy for President, isn’t it? And nobody’s laughing about that anymore, are they?

Here’s the artist talking about his work in his own words:

Prints, for those interested, ARE available if you’d like one for yourself, or as the ‘perfect gift’ for that ‘woke’ aunt with the patchy mustache.

Giclée on canvas prints, of various sizes, both stretched and unstretched, are available.

• 11×14” giclée on canvas stretched print is $250.

• 11×14 ” giclée on canvas unstretched is $150.

• 11×14” poster print is $50.


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