Trans Student Who Shot Up A School Gives Her/His ‘REASON’ For Shooting Spree

Written by K. Walker on June 21, 2019

Is there ANY reason that could be given that is even close to legitimate?

I don’t think so.

Alec McKinney, a 16-year old female in the process of “transition” to male, and Devon Erickson, an 18-year old male have been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the May 7 shooting at a charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Attorneys for McKinney, who has been charged as an adult, are seeking to have the case moved to juvenile court.

The shooting on May 7 took place at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, which is a K-12 charter school.

The entire case file had initially been sealed, but the judge ruled that some documents could be released to the public, which included the motivation for the shooting.

The 16-year old told investigators that the reason for the shooting was to target a particular student that bullied and mocked the transgender teen saying it was “disgusting” that McKinney was “trying to be a guy.” McKinney told police that he wanted other students to “experience bad things” and “suffer trauma.” The plan had been hatched by McKinney weeks before, but details were arranged by Snapchat messages the evening before the shooting.

Douglas County District Judge Theresa Slade had ordered the entire case file sealed until Thursday when she ruled that certain documents could be released.

In the file, McKinney – who’s in the ‘pre-op stage of transitioning’ – is documented telling investigators he targeted one student who ‘called him names and said he was disgusting for trying to be a guy,’ the affidavit said.

McKinney told police that he had planned the shooting for weeks and that he wanted other students to ‘experience bad things [and] to suffer from trauma like he has had to in his life and to realize that the world is a bad place’.

McKinney and Erickson have very different versions of what happened that day. McKinney admits to firing two handguns into a classroom until both guns were empty but insists that it was Erickson who fired first. McKinney also says that they both entered the classroom together yelling, “nobody move.”

However, Erickson’s version of events disputes this. He says that he was an unwilling participant who was coerced into helping McKinney. Erickson said that McKinney had threatened to kill him if he didn’t help the troubled teen carry out the plan. He added that he considered reporting McKinney to authorities several times, but didn’t follow through. A probable cause statement notes, “Devon repeatedly claimed he was going to stop [McKinney] but couldn’t articulate how or why he never told an adult.”

Erickson says that he saw McKinney reach for a gun while telling everyone to “get down on the ground.” He says that two people rushed toward him and knocked him to the ground which prompted the gun to “go off.”

Erickson told police under questioning that two students rushed him when he appeared in the doorway of a classroom and that when one of the students hit him, the ‘abrupt impact’ caused the handgun he was wielding to discharge.

‘Devon described being in shock and stated that he didn’t want anyone to get shot,’ according to the affidavit.

Kendrick Castillo, 18, was shot dead and witnesses told police that he was among those who charged the gunman, but it is unclear who fired the fatal shot.

McKinney didn’t plan on getting caught.

McKinney told investigators he planned to conclude his heinous scheme by committing suicide, but he didn’t know how to release the safety mechanism on the gun he’d fled from the classroom with.

The pair had only known each other for about 6 months before the shooting.

Erickson says that he was being threatened by McKinney. The transgender teen told investigators that he did threaten Erickson inside his home with an ax.

‘Devin told [McKinney] a few weeks prior that he parents owned guns and they were locked in a safe,’ investigators claim.

McKinney went on to tell investigators that he threatened Erickson with an ax inside the home, later motivating him to smash a lock on his parent’s safe with the tool.

Once inside, the pair armed themselves with three handguns, a 22-caliber rifle and several rounds of ammunition.

They didn’t do this sober, though. They both admitted to consuming cocaine and setting fire to Erickson’s mother’s car before the shooting.

Both of the teens said they consumed cocaine, spray painted Erickson’s mom’s car and set it on fire in the garage, before heading off to school.

Nonchalantly walking through the front doors of STEM, the pair told cops they knew the weapons, which were concealed in a backpack and a guitar case, would go undetected.
Source: Daily Mail

You know that the Media(D) will call this a reaction to bullying, and promote “acceptance and tolerance.” Or maybe, just maybe, there are the occasional people who identify as transgender but are suffering from some other mental illness. Walt Heyer, a man who transitioned and lived as a woman for 8 years before de-transitioning, says that in his experience, that seems to be the case. He also says that the current trend to “affirmative care” for transgender children can be devastating and makes some suffer needlessly. 

Who knows if Alec McKinney is one of those deeply troubled kids that has underlying mental health problems that is manifesting as gender dysphoria, or if the bullying was too much for McKinney to bear. Either way, McKinney is obviously deeply disturbed. Someone with sound mental health doesn’t threaten someone with an ax and attempt a mass shooting in a school.

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