WATCH: What Kind Of HEAD Is The Wolverine Carrying?

Written by Wes Walker on June 2, 2019

There’s a reason wolverines are held up as an example of badass little beasts.

We see everything from athletic teams, the kids in Red Dawn, and a particularly nasty superhero named after them. It’s because these little guys can punch well above their weight.

About half the size of a wolf, they have still been known to hunt larger prey, like deer.

Which brings us to today’s video clip.

Imagine you’re biking down a trail in the woods, and you hear an animal approaching. You pull out your phone and start filming… and you see this guy walking down the trail towards you.

Wolverines have been known to chase BEARS away from their kills, it isn’t big, but it’s fierce.

And when it gets closer, you see it’s carrying an animal’s head in its mouth. (Was that a domesticated goat? How did it manage to scare up one of those?)

It comes right past you.

Would you just stand there as it went by? Or would you have been headed back the other direction like a bat out of hell?

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