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Apple’s Founder Warns Peeps To LEAVE Facebook – Will They Listen?

First, it was Zuck’s Co-Founder. Then it was Wired Magazine. Now it’s Apple. Will the warnings be heard?

You can add another name to the chorus of voices calling out to depopulate Facebook. This time, it’s Apple’s Founder.

Here’s what HE has to say about it:

Big quote: “You should figure a way to get off Facebook.” That’s the advice Apple co-founder Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak offers, warning that technology firms are invading our privacy now more than ever. His solution? Let people pay to keep their data more secure and private.
Wozniak was questioned at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C, by TMZ, who asked whether our devices were listening to private conversations to find out more information about us. The theory that this happens to serve people targeted ads has been around for years, and Mark Zuckerberg was forced to assure Congress in 2018 that it doesn’t happen.

The Woz confessed that the situation was one he was worried about, but doesn’t think it’s something we can stop. “But, everything about you… I mean, they can measure your heartbeat with lasers now, they can listen to you with a lot of devices. Who knows if my cellphone’s listening right now. Alexa has already been in the news a lot,” he said.

“So I worry because you’re having conversations that you think are private […] You’re saying words that really shouldn’t be listened to, because you don’t expect it. But there’s almost no way to stop it.”
Source: TechSpot

Silicon Valley is betting the farm on America being ‘good little lemmings’. But they’re finding out that it’s not so simple and we’re not so easily bought.

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