Christian School Teacher Says Christian Schools Are As BAD As Public Schools

Published on July 2, 2019

I taught 38 years in private Christian Schools. Back when I first started teaching, if you had one family that had been divorced it was unusual, and if you had a Mother working a job it was unusual. Most of the Mothers were able to stay home and take care of the families. The kids had stability in the homes and the families ate together at night. In the classroom (of 33 students) you might have one child who gave you trouble, but you always were supported by the parents. You could always count on the parents to help.

As times changed, the meaning of families changed. Now if you have a family that has not been divorced, it is unusual and if you have a Mom that does not work a job and stays home, it is unusual. Most of the time in the classroom today, if something goes wrong, the child is always in the right and the teacher is wrong or too hard on the child!

The kids have no stability in the home and there are so many blended families! They stay with one parent or family part of the week and then are with the other parent and family the rest of the week. When a child stayed the weekend with one parent, it took till Thursday for them to get adjusted again, and then the cycle would repeat itself. The kids have too much to deal with! Life is hard enough just being a kid, and then have to put up with these things!

No wonder that the academics have dropped! They have even dumbed down the tests at the end of the year so that everything looks good on paper. Teachers are not allowed to teach like they used to! Those in charge don’t want the kids to think on their own. They want robots. They seem to be trying to change history and course of the human race! Wow, what is this world coming to?

A lot of the kids have breakfast in the car with the parents driving and after daycare or school their supper is also the same. They don’t know what it is to have a family meal together. Then they are shuffled off to take a shower or bath and go to bed. The parents even get angry if a child is given homework! They are so tired themselves that it becomes a horrible cycle with no family time at all.

So many kids are placed in a daycare and are raised by someone other than their parents. No wonder the kids stay so confused! No matter how great the daycare is, it does not take
the place of family!

My husband and I moved out of state (to a northern state) a few years back to be with my family. Our youngest two girls were in junior high and high school. Our son had already graduated from a Christian school in Texas. I had taken a job at a Christian school that had been in existence for years. When Christmas rolled around, they announced that they were closing the school down because it was too much of a drain on their church. The original founder had been long passed away and the son had taken over the ministry and did not have a burden for the school. Everything the school had stood for had gone down the drain. They were even having gang fights in the hallways in a “Christian” school! I had researched this school and thought there would be a spiritual environment for our kids. The books and the paperwork told a different story than what went on at the school!

We had to put our two girls in a public school for the first time in their life. Needless to say, it was a nightmare. I paved a pathway to the principal’s office because of the treatment of both of our girls. My husband had called and talked to the principal also about the treatment of our oldest daughter by some young boys. Our oldest daughter had a lesbian for a P.E. teacher and the kids were constantly making fun of our youngest daughter, who is handicapped. The principal finally told me that he could do nothing for us and that the state owned our children anyway. I marched home and told my husband that it didn’t matter what it would take, (included losing our home because we could not sell it), that we were going home to Texas! I had had enough! God opened the door for me for a teaching job in another Christian school in Texas and the doors opened up for more work for my husband who was a carpenter/cabinet builder. We moved back home!!!