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Did Anyone Else Notice The Contrast Between How Smollett Hoax and The Antifa Terrorist Attack Were Covered?

One guy stages a ‘racist’ assault and it’s national news for a month, so why the crickets when a Leftist anarchist tries to trigger a ‘revolution’.

Remember Jussie Smollett? That got endless media attention. But a man dies in a violent standoff with police and suddenly nobody cares? Why are they so suspiciously silent?

Let’s compare how the two were handled, shall we?

Just a couple of months ago, Smollet was all anyone could talk about. Then, once his story became harmful to the narrative, and the national press lost interest, we all forgot about him.

But in that Bright flaming moment where he was all anyone could talk about, do you remember HOW everyone framed it?

It’s proof that we are a ‘racist’ nation. Proof that Republicans are bigots who hate minorities and gays. It’s probably Trump’s fault… and most certainly the MAGA crowd are guilty as charged.

All the old, long-since debunked claims of racism from the past bubbled back to the surface.

The only story that could even come close to touching it was the Covington kids story.

Between the two of them, the charged, Republicans-are-bigots language dragged on for what… a month? Here’s a recap. (Notice how not EVERYONE bought into that official narrative… but the ‘new media’ isn’t ‘credible news’, eh?)

Clash Poll: Should Chicago Cops Prioritize Solving Murders, Or The Sketchy Smollett Case?

For anyone who’s forgotten already, these stories give the quick contours of the Smollett hoax:

Receipts Attached: Smollett’s Hate Hoax Story Just Got A LOT Worse For Him

Jussie Smollett CHARGED With Federal Crime For Hoax Hate Attack — Here’s The COMPLETE Timeline

Here’s CNN being CNN: more interested in Narrative than Facts…

WATCH: CNN Freaks That Smollett’s BS ‘Hate Crime’ Story Will Be RICH FODDER For Fox News

Some uncomfortable questions about ‘obstruction of justice’…

HOLLYWOOD PRIVILEGE: Smollett’s Hoax Charges Were Dropped — Did The Obamas Pull Some Strings?

The Goofy Prosecutor Who Let Jussie Smollett Walk Just Got Some BAD NEWS

Document Dump: Chicago Police Made EVERYTHING Public In Smollett Case, Even Videos

Compare that to one example among many after the self-proclaimed Antifa Anarchist mailed out his Manifesto, planned to go down fighting, and said he regretted that he would not live to see the rest of the revolution.

He was HOPING FOR a large-scale violent uprising.

He invoked ALL the same buzzwords that AOC and her little ‘squad’ like to use about concentration camps, kids in cages, etcetera (it should make any honest journalist wonder ‘who is borrowing ideas from whom’) and that rhetoric was the ‘justification’ for his violent attack.

And what did the networks say about it? Practically nothing.

As one example among many, CNN had the acting ICE director on at least two shows in 24 hours. Jake Tapper on Sunday (where he asked about Trump tweets, NOT cited in their full context) and Alisyn Camerota’s show where the topic she spent 7 of 10 minutes on was — you guessed it — Trump tweets.

She made no mention of the would-be bomber attacking a federal building in Antifa’s name. And she made no mention of the other attack in which the Stars and Stripes were pulled down from a flagpole at an ICE detention center and replaced with a Mexican flag, or where a flag celebrating law enforcement was pulled down, spray-painted with ‘Abolish ICE’ and rehung upside down.

Neither of those was as relevant to Alisyn as her chief aim of trying to get a ‘gotcha’ quote from the acting ICE Director calling Trump racist from a partial tweet quoted without context.

This pattern is hardly new.

They drop any talk about attacks either by leftist or against right-of-center targets pretty quickly too. A man motivated by opposition to their plans for Obamacare tried to assassinate elected Republicans. Rand Paul was hospitalized after being attacked by a neighbor while mowing his lawn. Crickets.

The Smollett Feeding frenzy was pretty similar to the media feeding frenzy over Covington… which ended with those who defamed them facing enormous lawsuits.

They’re ‘RACISTS’, they said: Nick Sandmann, The Covington HS Student From Lincoln Memorial Viral Video, Speaks Out

Activist jerks endangered the safety of minors. Their school had to be closed: Credible Threat: Thanks To The ‘Tolerant Left’ Covington HS Closed Due To Safety Concerns

The part of the story they ‘left out’: Here’s The ‘Black Hebrew’ Clown Who Spawned The Covington HS Chaos

The smear boomerangs on the accusers:

Covington Kids: Lawyers’ Letters Hitting 50+ Bandwagon-Jumpers Over Sandmann Smear


BOOM: Covington HS Student Sues CNN For $275M For Lying Their @SS Off About Him

And before that, the ‘Manufactured crisis’… and before that the Kavanaugh clown show… and before that, the Avenatti & Stormy show… and before that…

Well, you get the picture.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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