Independence Day Celebration: When Dems Went Low, Trump Went High

Written by Wes Walker on July 5, 2019

To see Dems wringing their hands over it, you’d assume Trump was about to recreate the bloodshed of Tiananmen Square — they couldn’t have been more wrong.

By their reaction, you’d think it was Cesar crossing the Rubicon all over again, ending a proud republic and kicking off some kind of a thousand-year-rule of tyranny. Or something.

Well, if they’re going lie, why waste time by telling a little one? They went straight for the BIG LIE.

Tulsi put on her psychic hat and predicted this at 1 pm.:

Oooh. That’s a regrettable tweet.

Trump derangement is real, y’all.

They left complained that Trump was making the 4th all about himself, and politicizing a day that should have brought everyone together. Not just Tulsi, but Biden, Gillibrand, Sanders, and others criticized what they THOUGHT he was going to do.

What did they do yesterday?

According to The Hill, they are politicizing the 4th of July and making it about self-promotion.

Democratic presidential hopefuls will be crisscrossing Iowa and New Hampshire on Thursday, using a series of appearances at Independence Day events to try to inject momentum for their campaigns in a highly volatile race.
Source: The Hill

Huh. Isn’t that what they accused Trump of doing?

They just can’t HELP but step on those rakes, can they?

What did ‘dictator’ Trump ACTUALLY do?

He threw one HELL of a party that was a poke in the eye of the “America isn’t really all that great” cynics lining up on the Democrat side, from Bloomberg and Alexandria “America is ‘10% better than garbage‘” Occasio-Cortex, to Kaepernick and the New York Times among so many others.

Rather than a speech that looked like his campaign rallies, Trump gave a rousing speech declaring the heroes and accomplishments of the American people from our founding to today.

He gave special mention to honored guests in attendance who pushed forward civil rights, national achievements, and acts of mercy and compassion.

And then came the military component. Unlike totalitarian governments that threaten their civilians with threats of military might if they don’t comply to the Federal government’s wishes (and haven’t Swalwell and Harris come out in support of mandatory gun buybacks?), Trump celebrated each of the five branches for their achievements from their very first days until now.

There were dramatic flyovers of signature aircraft after each branch was cheered, while that branch’s fight song was played.

The whole thing wrapped up with the Battle Hymn of the Republic (yes, even the 4th verse!) and Proud to Be An American followed with a dramatic flyover by the Blue Angels.

And of course — fireworks.

Even CNN was forced to admit his critics got it wrong: Trump calls bluff of critics in July 4th speech

When even CNN is calling it one of the ‘least polarizing speeches of his presidency’… everyone who pissed and moaned it would be dark and dictatorial look like petulant children.

It also makes you wonder how many of the 2020 hopefuls would be able to deliver a Pro-America speech like this one without enraging their base or having the words burn their tongue as they speak them.

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