Michelle Obama Says Barack Was “One Of The Most Productive And Profound Presidents” And It Gets Weirder

Written by K. Walker on July 8, 2019

She can’t be serious, can she?!

Former First Lady Michelle Obama appeared at the 25th Essence Music Festival in New Orleans and was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey’s bestie, Gayle King of CBS This Morning. The interview was more like a cheerleading session, which is par for the course when the pair get together. King was on the book tour with Michelle Obama, beginning the event in Atlanta by gushing, “Do you miss us as much as we miss you?”

Here is Gayle King, an unabashed Michelle cheerleader, introducing the interview on CBS This Morning:

Some of the “powerful things” that Michelle said included saying things like, “Marry someone you respect.” Ummm… do people really need that kind of advice? Would someone marry someone that they don’t respect? I guess it could happen, but it seems a bit of an odd thing to say to a rapt crowd.

But Michelle did cover some of her greatest hits, like the old people-that-didn’t-like-the-Obamas-are-probably-racist. Yeah, that one never gets old for Michelle.



Addressing the topic she felt compelled to write about in chapter 17 of her best-selling autobiography, Becoming, she told the audience at The Mercedes-Benz Superdome how she dealt with her rise from being a Chicago lawyer, to the worldwide fame that came with vicious opinions about her family.

‘It was important to tell that part of the story because they see me and Barack now, but they don’t know how many punches it took us to get there,’ Obama said about the memoir that set to become the most popular ever in the US and Canada.

‘People from all sides, Democrats and Republicans, tried to take me out by the knees. And the best way they could do it was to focus on the strength of the Black woman, so they turned that into a caricature’.

Mrs Obama added about being typecast before becoming loved around the world: ‘For a minute there, I was an angry black woman who was emasculating her husband.’

Source: Daily Mail

It seems that Michelle hasn’t changed much since her stint as FLOTUS. She seems to harbor that same divisive attitude that she has always had. She said after the election of President Trump, “this is what not having hope feels like” and that women who voted for Trump “voted against their own voice.” As a black woman, she is (understandably) concerned with issues that relate to the black community, but sometimes, it appears that she is consumed with her own identity as a black woman. As the former First Lady talking about her struggles to the successful best friend of a billionaire black woman who has a heavy hand in influencing culture, this seems a bit… disingenuous.

She says that she had to “earn” her grace. She also said, “I had to prove that not only was I smart and strategic, but I had to work harder than any First Lady in history.”

She brings out the same accusations of racism against President Trump and claims that Obama’s presidency was “scandal-free” while Gayle King bobbleheads along.

No scandals?! Are you kidding me?

I guess she forgot all of these scandals. 

Not to mention Russian Interference in the election that happened on the Obama/Biden watch. The U.S. was told that an elaborate network had been set up to interfere in western elections — including in the U.S. Presidential election — as far back as 2014, but even when they knew that the interference was happening, they “delayed” taking action.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call that “scandal-free.”

She then says that Barack was “one of the most productive and profound presidents of our lifetime.”

Of course, he was! Don’t you all remember how unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and women all hit historic lows under his administration? Oh, wait. That was under President Trump. Even the New York Times had to admit that minority women are flourishing in the Trump economy.

And of course, there’s Obama’s legacy of… DACA (which was deemed illegal, by the way), Obamacare, which is so wildly unpopular that Democrats are now running on single-payer, and the crappy Iran Deal, which didn’t seem to stop Iran from enriching uranium. 

Which leaves… what exactly?

The defeat of ISIS, which Barry called the “J.V. team”? Oh, wait… that was under President Trump, too. 

The regulations that were stripped once President Trump took office?

It seems that when you legislate with a “pen and a phone” the next guy can undo everything you did pretty quickly.

So, what is it that makes Barack’s presidency so profound? Is it all coming down to his melanin? That’s kind of sad, really.

Let’s keep the interview in perspective, though. This is all to push Michelle’s book which she didn’t even write. (I know that I’m thanking God for small mercies.)

Here’s the quick’n’dirty highlights clip:

Watch the full interview here:

Either way, brace yourself for typical Michelle. It’s not all horrible, but it does have that usual vein of vitriol, and yes, anger, bubbling just under the surface.

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