Piers Morgan: Mueller’s Testimony Was A ‘TRAIN WRECK’ That Is A DISASTER For The Dems

Written by K. Walker on July 26, 2019

Exactly how bad was Mueller’s testimony on July 24? Whoa, Nelly! Does Piers Morgan have some thoughts on that!


Morgan called it a “train wreck” that did irreparable damage to the stellar reputation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Morgan says that the testimony that all of the #Resist crowd were so giddy to hear did exactly the opposite of what the Dem’s intention was.

Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail headline says it all:

Morgan opened his piece by showing how the public’s view of Robert Mueller has changed drastically after the testimony.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller came to Congress with a stellar reputation as one of the sharpest, most experienced, reliable and brilliant legal minds in America.

By the time he’d finished his stumbling, bumbling, obfuscating, dithering appearances before the House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee, that reputation lay in tatters.

Frankly, he was embarrassing.

He looked old, bleary-eyed, exhausted, and slightly out of it.

Remember how everyone on the Left was wondering where Robert Mueller was? The called for him to go public and speak out about his report. They had rested all of their hopes on the Special Counsel. But he didn’t speak out other than that one brief presser.

That report and the follow-up press conference wasn’t enough for the Dems, though. They kept saying that the American people didn’t want to “read the book” they wanted to “watch the movie.” Unfortunately for the Democrats, just like it is with most book-to-big screen adaptations, the movie sucked.

They were better off had he remained hidden from public view.

Morgan points out that Mueller seemed incredibly clueless about his own report.

In perhaps the single most staggering exchange – one I could barely believe I was watching – Mueller was asked by Republican congressman Doug Collins if ‘collusion’ and ‘conspiracy’ were, in colloquial language, ‘largely synonymous’ terms.

In other words, to most people’s understanding, they have the same meaning.

Mueller replied firmly: ‘No.’

Yet, as Collins pointed out, in Mueller’s own report and in his May 29 press conference, he said the complete opposite.

‘So would you change your answer to “yes” then?’ Collins asked, given this complete contradiction.

Mueller stammered ‘No’, then scrabbled around looking frantically at a piece of paper, before asking Collins to repeat his very simple, unambiguous question.

Watch the full Collins-Mueller exchange here:

Yes, the Special Counsel investigating alleged conspiracy into collusion with Russia, forgot the name of the very thing he was supposed to be investigating.

It was almost beyond parody.

Why does the Mueller’s collusion-definition-confusion matter so much?

Because legally, conspiracy is a criminal offense and collusion isn’t.

This is an absolutely fundamental distinction that goes to the very heart of Mueller’s investigation.

His abject failure to be consistent about something so basic was both shocking and a fiasco for Democrats who’d bet all their chips on Mueller’s live TV testimony landing a killer blow to President Trump that the written report failed to do.

Not only did Mueller spectacularly fail to say anything new, and made himself look like a doddering old man who was confused and didn’t seem familiar with his own report, but the hero of the Democrats has likely helped the President’s 2020 bid by his seeming ignorance of basic facts.

ClashDaily reported that Republicans did quite the job schooling Mueller on his own report.

But in their wildest nightmares, the Democrats could surely never have imagined that Mueller’s testimony would actually HELP Donald Trump?

Yet that’s what it did.

In another spectacular lowlight, Mueller didn’t even know what Fusion GPS is – despite it being the name of the infamous firm paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign that used a former British spy to dig up a salacious dirty dossier on Trump.

Watch as Rep. Steve Chabot(R-OH) asks Robert Mueller a very basic question about Fusion GPS.

Morgan described the testimony this way:

This wasn’t just a train wreck – it was a multiple pile up of every train in the United States all colliding at the same time and exploding into a gigantic, catastrophic fireball.

In Morgan’s article, he then referred to the statements made by Chris Wallace of Fox News, who has been critical of President Trump, calling the Mueller testimony a “disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller” and that it was “exactly my sentiment, too.” Morgan also noted that the President was quick to tweet about it.

Watch as Chris Wallace makes the comments here:

Morgan says that Mueller could have “brought this all to a close” by offering definitive statements and giving his clear opinions… but that didn’t happen.

Instead, he blathered away like an ill-informed nervous elderly rabbit in headlights – absurdly contradicting himself, dodging endless questions, and often looking like he had no real grasp of either what was in his own report or what it really meant with regard to the point of his investigation.

Many have said that Mueller’s testimony made him appear as though he was just a figurehead and that his Anti-Trump team had control over the investigation and the writing of the report. Whether that’s true or not is unclear, but Mueller certainly didn’t seem to know what was written in the report.

White House Counsel Jay Sekulow said after the hearings finished: ‘The American people understand that this issue is over. They also understand that the case is closed.’

I suspect he’s absolutely right.

But the impact of today’s debacle may have far greater significance.

The Democrats, whose pathetic obsession with bogus Russia collusion has caused them huge political damage, are now left licking massively deeper self-inflicted wounds just when they’re already facing an uphill battle to win the 2020 election.

And President Trump, who must have been laughing his head off watching Mueller self-implode, will probably continue laughing all the way to a second term.
Source: Daily Mail

So, to sum up…

The Democrats have hung their hope on Bob Mueller and, in the words of Ann Coulter, “it was like watching elder abuse.”

Way to go, Dems! See you in 2020.

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