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Scientists Call for an End to Climate Change Alarmism

Last month, 90 scientists from Italy signed a joint petition to end the fake climate alarmism promoted by the United Nations and mainstream media. In view of what they call unjustifiable exaggerations and unrealistic catastrophic predictions, they urged the government not to make policy decisions based on fake climate emergencies, warning that doing so would put the country’s future in peril.

Why are these scientists increasingly restless over doomsday claims about climate change, and even ready to petition leaders of their country?

Italy is a part of the Paris climate agreement that requires member states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Earlier this year, the Italian government expressed its intentions to host COP26, the UN’s 2020 climate summit. Acceptance of the energy-restrictive Paris agreement and subscription to its ideals would spell disaster to Italy. This is one reason why the timing of the petition is deemed critical.

The petition also comes at a time when fake climate emergencies are being declared across the globe. For example,

  • The Guardian has officially declared that it will use the term “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” instead of “climate change” in order to highlight what they see as an existential threat facing the world.
  • In Canada, the House of Commons declared a “National Climate Emergency.”
  • And Pope Francis, in meeting at the Vatican with leaders of several multinational oil companies, declared “a global climate emergency,” adding that the failure to reduce greenhouse emissions will be “a brutal act of injustice toward the poor and future generations”.

Who signed the petition?

The 90 scientists who signed this petition all have specialized expertise in climate sciences. They work in Climatology, Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Remote Sensing, Physical Chemistry, Applied Geology, Oceanography, Energy, Urban Planning, Satellite Interferometry, Astrophysics, Astronomy, and other relevant fields.

Faulty Forecasts and Flawed Climate Models

The scientists critiqued the faulty forecasts and flawed climate models that the United Nations has been using as a basis for policy decisions. The petition reads, “The anthropic origin of global warming is an unproven hypothesis, deduced only from some climate models, that is complex computer programs, called General Circulation Models…. Climate simulation models do not reproduce the observed natural variability of the climate and, in particular, do not reconstruct the warm periods of the last 10,000 years … the scientific literature has increasingly highlighted the existence of a natural climatic variability that the models are not able to reproduce.”

Present Day Warming Had its Origins in the Pre-Industrial Era

The petition also explained the pre-industrial origins of present warming, dispelling the common myth that industrialization and fossil fuel emissions are responsible for the current warming trend: “It should be remembered that the heating observed since 1900 has actually started in the 1700s, i.e. at the minimum of the Little Ice Age, the coldest period of the last 10,000 years (corresponding to the millennial minimum of solar activity that astrophysicists call Maunder Minimal Solar).”

The Diversity of Opinion in Academia

The mainstream media have successfully made much of the public accept their contention that all climate scientists believe in an approaching climate doomsday for which humans are responsible. However, scientists like me who have spent a reasonable amount of time studying the issue of climate change are aware of the diversity of opinion within academia about magnitude of climate change and the primary drivers of current warming.

The petition highlighted this disagreement among climate scientists about the key parameters surrounding human-induced climate change: “There is a remarkable variability of opinions among specialists – climatologists, meteorologists, geologists, geophysicists, astrophysicists – many of whom recognize an important natural contribution to global warming observed from the pre-industrial period and even from the post-war period to today. There have also been petitions signed by thousands of scientists who have expressed dissent with the conjecture of anthropic global warming.”

A Warning Against Reducing CO2 Emissions

The petition concludes, “It is scientifically unrealistic to attribute to humans the responsibility for warming observed from the past century to today…. Human responsibility for climate change is exaggerated and unrealistic…. In conclusion, given the crucial importance that fossil fuels have for the energy supply of humanity, we suggest that they do not adhere to policies of uncritical reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with the illusory pretense of governing the climate.”

The scientists, with this petition, have made sure that their understanding about the climate system is clearly communicated to the country’s highest decision-makers in order to prevent what could be an economic disaster driven by unwarranted restrictions on the use of fossil fuels. They also have broken free from the network of scientists associated with the United Nations who have for two decades misled the public about climate doomsday scenarios using their faulty climate projections. It is time that scientists across the world follow their lead and warn their respective national leaders about the dangers of succumbing to Climate Change Alarmism.

Vijay Jayaraj (M.Sc., Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England), Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, lives in Bangalore, India.

Vijay Jayaraj

Vijay Jayaraj (M.Sc., Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England), a Contributor for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, lives in Chennai, India.