So Presidential: ‘Spartacus’ Booker Jokes About Punching Trump For This Lame Reason

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2019

This is the guy who thinks he should be trusted with the nuclear codes, folks.

Such ‘leadership’.

Spartacus presents a conversation with a ‘tough guy’ which we are supposed to take him at his word actually happened.

(This is the same guy who was so certain that Justice Kavanaugh had done unspeakable criminal acts based on the say-so of a couple of really sketchy witnesses who couldn’t keep their stories straight.)

In this alleged conversation, “this alleged ‘other’ guy wants him to punch Trump in the face. He answers that’s a felony, and then he talks about how his ‘own testosterone’ makes him want to punch Trump in the face, before taking some cheap shots at the physical physique of a man in his 70s.

Right. Your ‘testosterone’.

We all believe you. No, really, we do.

After openly fantasizing about violence against a senior citizen, and mocking the effects of aging on his body, he pretends to hold the moral high ground in the conversation, saying he mustn’t do such a thing because that’s how Trump fights. ‘HE’ drags people to the gutter.

No, Cory, you just showed all of America on late-night television that it’s the way YOU fight — or would if you had the courage to do so openly instead of couching it behind a coy excuse of being how ‘that other guy’ talks.

THEN he goes to share with the world just exactly how much more moral and just he, Spartacus, is than the duly-elected president.

‘This is a moral moment in America.’

(We remember how you treated a moral moment in leveraging your elected authority in service of the political slandering of a judge, but please, continue.)

Calls what is happening under Trump ‘moral vandalism.’ (Is he trying to out-drama-queen Comey here?)

And where does he go next? He invokes all the old, tired tropes of racism and Civil Rights era protests.

For SOME reason, Mr. Morality here fails to mention which party it was that opposed those Civil Rights in the first place.

Hint: Biden caught hell for mentioning how he worked with them, and another of them was given a hero’s burial despite being a RECRUITER for the Klan. Dear CNN: Before You Crap On Trump, Explain What Obama Is Doing In This Pic

That’s awkward. And just wait until he hears about tweets ‘the Squad’ has dug up about him.

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