WATCH: Trump SLAMS Ilhan Omar And His NC Crowd LOVED It

Written by Wes Walker on July 18, 2019

‘That’s the great thing about live television… they can’t cut it.’

This clip from his campaign rally has him talking a little bit about his critics because the news hasn’t been covering some of the repugnant things they’ve been saying about America, her people, and her institutions.

He’s quite happily talking about Minnesota — where he came close to winning in ’16 — and about to talk about Ilhan Omar when someone off camera tries to disrupt the speech. He doesn’t break a sweat and winds up heckling the heckler(s). “Go home to mommy.”

After announcing, to ‘Republicans know that America is the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of our world’ the President contrasts it to how leftists view America as a ‘force of evil’. He recounts some of the obnoxious things Ilhan Omar has been saying. They weren’t pretty.

His list included the folowing examples:

She had been claiming that ‘terrorism is a reaction to America’s involvement in other people’s affairs’; slandered the Americans involved in ‘Black Hawk Down’ who were trying to keep peace in Somalia; minimized the 9/11 attacks ‘some people did something’; ‘pleaded for compassion for ISIS recruits’; she laughed that you say Al Quaeda in a menacing tone, but remarked that ‘you don’t say America’ with this intensity; refused to denounce Al Quaeda in a news conference this week; blamed USA for the crisis in Venezuela, and looks with contempt at hardworking Americans saying ‘ignorance is pervasive in parts of this country’; lastly and most importantly she has a history of launching vicious antisemitic screeds — she talked about ‘evil Israel’ and it’s ‘all about the Benjamins’ not a good thing to say.

“So, that’s OMAR,” he concludes.

And what did the networks report about that?

They reported the crowd reaction. Right about the time he mentioned “Looks with contempt at hardworking Americans saying ‘ignorance is pervasive in this country”, one or two female voices in the crowd reacted yelling ‘send her back’… and kept that chant going for much of the remaining minute or so.

When he got to the ‘antisemitic screeds’ part, others joined in.

The PartisanPress — who don’t bother with context at all — are right back in the mode they were in during the 2016 election, painting Trump voters and supporters in the worst light they can.

But context matters.

They would have the general public believe that the crowd hates Ilhan Omar. They hate her for her race. They hate her for her religion. They don’t care about her citizenship, and they would throw her out on her ass if they could.

But look again. What came BEFORE the chant?

You have a crowd of people, rallying around the idea that America is both the greatest and most compassionate nation on the freaking planet, listening to the words of an elected official that clearly thinks the nation is a garbage heap.

She wasn’t born here, and she sure as hell doesn’t seem to like the people or institutions all that much.

NOW listen to what the crowd is saying. Ask yourself what the crowd REALLY means with that chant. Is it possible they could be offended by her?

Oh, REALLY Omar???

So, you think 9/11 happened because we DESERVED it?
So, you have warm feelings toward terrorist groups like Al Quaeda (and Hezbollah)?
So, you came as a refugee from a country where Black Hawk Down actually happened, a country where people CHEERED during the parts of the movie where Americans died — and you DARE slander those same peace-keeping soldiers?
You show compassion to people willing to join forces with the raping, murdering, slave-trading ISIS slugs?
So, you think the collapse of Venezuela under a corrupt regime is somehow OUR fault?
So, you think Americans are unintelligent?
So, you think it’s cool to rip on Jewish people?

Could the chant just be the crowd’s way of saying:

Well, if you hate us all so much, NOBODY’S KEEPING YOU HERE, LADY!

As for her citizenship — depending on what comes of the accusations that she faked a marriage with her brother to gain him entry into the country, that may not be an issue.

Context matters.

As for calling us all ‘racists’? That ship has sailed.

We all know we’re going to get called that anyway. The people are DONE being polite about how they feel.

There are too many elected officials and public servants who think they rule over the people they serve, and We The People are DONE being polite about it.

And for once, they have a president who feels the same way about it they do.

Honor your oath of office or make room for someone who will.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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