While Patriots Saluted America, Leftist Protesters Burn The Flag, Attack Law Enforcement

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2019

Independence Day was one of those ‘show the world who you really are’ moments for both sides of the political spectrum.

Trump and the parts of America that so many talking heads on TV deride as ‘beneath them’ with pathetic labels like ‘deplorables’, illiterates, fascists, bigots, or ‘Walmart shoppers’ gathered together on July 4th to celebrate what we LOVE about America.

Protesters on the LEFT, conversely, gathered around what they LOATHED about America.

They burned two flags on the Fourth of July, and sprayed a cop with bear spray, pepper spray, mace, or whatever.

Watch what happens when a patriot sees these dopes burning Old Glory:

He puts a stop to it, and there’s nothing the crowd of soyboys could do to stop him.

What was all the fuss about, anyway?

Gregory “Joey” Johnson — who some may remember from the 1984 Supreme Court flag-burning case with his name in it — joined together with some buddies to protest.

At least three Revolutionary Communist Party supporters were detained outside the White House after burning two American flags on the Fourth of July.

The activists, opposing President Trump and calling for a “world without America,” were met by a large counterprotest.

The Secret Service detained flag-burning activist Gregory “Joey” Johnson and at least two allies in the aftermath. The agency says two men have been charged.

…The Supreme Court has found flag-burning protected by the First Amendment, but the Secret Service said Johnson and the other man were arrested on different charges. One faces a charge for “felony assault on a police officer and malicious burning” and the other “for obstructing a police investigation and resisting arrest.” The agency did not identify either man by name. Source: WashingtonExaminer

Did you catch that? “A world without America.”

That seems to be a recurring theme on the Left, doesn’t it?

First, they wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ America — now they’re boldly admitting they want it gone altogether.

Communists. Antifa. And Occasional-Cortex’s Democratic Socialists of America have a lot in common. They LOATHE traditional America and oppose anything upon which it rests.

They may think they can topple the current ‘power structure’, and seize control themselves, and rewrite (or replace) the Constitution with something Lenin would love. But they STILL haven’t figured out that doing so kills the very thing they want to take for themselves.

If (God forbid) their plan ever succeeded, they’d become just be another tinpot king ruling over a burning garbage heap — just ask the distraught citizens of Venezuela how that dream worked out for them. But of course, Chavez’s daughter is worth BILLIONS somehow…

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