With Activists Systematically Suppressing Political Views, Do POLITICAL Rights Need Protecting?

Written by Wes Walker on July 2, 2019

Between the violent attacks of Antifa, the organized weaponizing of mob justice to intimidate companies into political compliance, and even BANKS being leveraged as political tools — does something need to change?

With the brutal attacks on Andy Ngo by a political mob, the political suppression of the Digital Square and the weaponizing of the levers of government power by Nancy Pelosi’s Congress … new questions are being raised.

AOC, as we predicted, isn’t just trying to ‘get answers’ with her House Oversight position — she has been trying to scare banks out of conducting private transactions in support of causes she personally disapproves… as though the government has any right to interfere in private transactions for purely ideological reasons.

But she’s an activist and a bully. What’s more — it’s working.

We covered her bully tactics in investigating Wells Fargo from a couple of angles, one of which touched on compelling them to cut ties with projects she did not approve of. It was covered in this piece: Occasional-Cortex Wants YOUR Gun – She’s Cool With CONFISCATION

She openly bragged about it:

She can think that way because her vison of government believes in SUBJECTS, not CITIZENS.

And other banks are now falling in line, doing her dirty work for her. Not only are they not loaning money for that particular project, they are not doing business with companies who do that work.

In what possible vision of America were banks supposed to strongarm borrowers into complying with Democrat political policy?

As you read the following paragraph, do tell us more about how AOC and Bernie belive in a form of ‘Democratic Socialism’ which honestly *isn’t* a species of the thoroughly discredited Soviet Centralized Economy… Comrade.

Bank of America will end its association with companies that provide prisoner and immigrant detention services at both the state and federal levels. The move comes amid growing public concern about the nation’s border policies.

A spokesperson said Wednesday that Bank of America has discussed the issue with its clients that provide those services. While the bank appreciates “steps they have taken to properly execute their contractual and humanitarian responsibilities,” it ultimately decided to “exit the relationships.” Source: KVIA

The left are harnessing the power of the outrage mobocracy to FORCE compliance of American Citizens without the checks and balances of the power of law — just have your twitter mob target a company, and make the Corporations do the bidding of the Left, and you get to completely bypass that messy little inconvenience of not having been elected with a mandate.

Like how AOC made Amazon reverse their decision. And she convinced Wayfair employees to walk out rather than supply beds to those same children she pretends to care about in detention centers.

Where else are we seeing this trend?

Well, Silicon Valley, according to Project Veritas’s reporting, is actively trying to rig the elections… silencing Conservative voices and promoting leftist agendas. A Clinton Flunkie running Media Matters wrote up a detailed plan of how to cut the Right out of the political square and even the news space, which — if you read it — is unfolding right on schedule.

That’s the point of the Censored Event headlining Dinesh D’Souza coming up soon. (Save the Date!)

We now have websites, YouTube, PayPal and even credit card companies who have been either bullied or persuaded into refusing to cooperate with people who are of the ‘wrong’ political alignment.

We remember the CEO of Mozilla was fired after he was ‘outed’ for donating his own money to the ‘wrong’ side of a political cause.

And now, in light of the Antifa Attacks on Andy Ngo, we see Chad Felix Green raising his concerns of personal safety.

Not because he’s gay, Jewish, other even a  much more personal reason that he sometimes mentions on his timeline — but because he’s CONSERVATIVE. Note what he says he feels ‘for the first time’

Not sure how willing she would be to support this one, however. It would completely de-fang the most powerful tool in her arsenal — ‘otherizing’ us to the point of ‘neutral parties’ being afraid to associate with us.

But if (non-violent) political affiliation WERE protected, that would suddenly open up a whole WORLD of legal options.

Imagine the lost revenue due to demonitizaion through Facebook or Google alone — especially if Google and Facebook were still generating ad revenue from all that Conservative content.

Add punitive damages to that, and suddenly it would be just as economically suicidal to discriminate on the basis of politics as it is on sex or race.

Ironically this would actually INSULATE companies from the outrage mobs who try to use this tactic to indirectly hurt and shut down — for example — firearms manufacturers. It gives them a very real reason they CAN’T capitulate to the mob without breaking the law.

And if you don’t think the left would absolutely jump at that opportunity — you haven’t been paying attention.

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