$3M Court Ruling: Planned Parenthood Is Having A Very Bad Week

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2019

First, the 9th Circuit voted UNANIMOUSLY against them in their Title X fight, and now the whistleblower they fired won a BIG settlement.

For all the talk we hear about the supposed glories of Planned Parenthood and all the supposed good they do for the public, they are awfully quick to silence anybody that points out the ways they have hurt women and let them down.

And with their aggressive defenders in the media and among the political elite, what price would they possibly fear paying in the process of ‘protecting their brand’ from any bad news? From firing a woman they viewed as troublesome?

In this case, there was a price tag. It’s a $3Million price tag. They lost a wrongful termination suit.

Here are the details:

The abortion giant fired Mayra Rodriguez after she exposed how the abortions Planned Parenthood does hurt women.

In a stunning victory for a former Planned Parenthood director in Arizona who was wrongfully terminated after reporting high complication rates for one abortionist. Rodriguez also exposed the abortionist’s illegal conduct falsification of affidavits and patient records, incomplete abortions, and failure to report a minor who had an adult partner and was a victim of statutory rape.

A jury unanimously awarded Mayra Rodriguez $3 million in damages this past Friday after a two-week trial.

Mayra Rodriguez, who ran three Planned Parenthood clinics in Arizona and worked for the organization for 17 years, sued the non-profit after being wrongfully terminated from her position in October 2017 after repeatedly making claims that Planned Parenthood was endangering the health and safety of their patients.

After being fired, she contacted Abby Johnson (whose similar story was told in the ‘Unplanned’ movie) and her group ‘And Then There Were None‘ Abby stood with Mayra through the trial.

In fact, after seventeen years of working for them, once she was a liability, the ‘liberal’ Planned Parenthood tried to use her immigration status to discredit her complaint against them.

Abby’s and Mayra’s stories have striking similarities. They were both awarded Employee of the Year awards from Planned Parenthood the year before they left. They both were directors of clinics. And they both started working for Planned Parenthood for the same reasons: to help women.

“I hope my case is a lesson to other workers that shows them that the truth will prevail. I also hope my case is a lesson to employers who abuse their power: sometimes the underdog wins and justice will be done,” said Mayra Rodriguez.

Mayra’s attorney, Tim Casey, based in Phoenix, never asked for any dollar amount during the trial. The damages awarded came directly from the jury, who took three hours to reach their verdict.

“I’ve stared down Planned Parenthood in court. I know how hard it is watching your friends lie about you,” said Abby Johnson. “It’s always good to take down Planned Parenthood but it’s not without hurt.”

Mayra said the most hurtful things said in court were the deception by women she had considered friends and by Planned Parenthood executives themselves, who frequently referred to her as a ‘liar’ due to her undocumented status the entire time she worked at Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood publicly states they want to help and stand up for immigrants, that they care about these women, but it’s not true. They shamed me for my immigration status,” said Mayra. “But here we are, the jury heard the truth.”

This case raises a simple question: health authorities turned a blind eye to the horrors of Gosnell. And in this case, Planned Parenthood covered up the failures to comply with law. And in both situations the interests of the organization were put above the interests of the women they were supposedly offering care to.

It prompts the question: how widespread IS this problem? How many other young women have had their experiences swept under the rug? How many OTHER victims of statutory rape went unreported to authorities? How many other botched procedures and falsified medical records are out there?

And in today’s political climate with the Media(D) actively promoting the abortion agenda, who would even report it if it WERE widespread, besides a few stalwart voices on the right?